Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Think, thunk, clunk

Saw a little sumpin while at the pumps today. Gottakeep ol’girl topped off in these times: n’er know when the call to high tail it will happen.

But what I saw, hit me two ways. 1 at how deceitful corporate America can be. 2; that most people, especially those below a certain age, don’t THINK. What I saw was an Ad to get people to stop Vaping. It was geared at the younger peeps specifically, using terms like ‘toxic relationship’ etc. Do a littledigging and guess what? Ad paid for by RJ Reynolds, who is, you guessed it; a MAJOR tobacco purchaser.

Now, I know the opinion of vaping goes both ways these days. But I have to say I am a big Proponent FOR it, since I have ceased smoking (except for the days Bossman makes me want to commit acts of murder,,,but I digress) thanks to vaping. Yes, I still have a nicotine addiction, but my breathing has improved DRAMATICALLY, and my nicotine intake has dropped off since I can control the concentration in my ‘juice’. All of the products that make said juice are FDA approved food grade products, and the nicotine is derived from tobacco, so why would RJR want to kill Vaping?

Lost Cig sales. They would rather create cig addicts over vape addicts.

The second way it hit me was seeing yhat the advertiser’s KNOW the target audience won’t do even a simple question about it. It will hit like a delayed reaction, almost subliminally in the targets.

And that target audience is affected by Covidiocy and Coronaphobia in similar fashion.

Question nothing, do as you are told, work so you can pay your taxes and be a good slave citizen; MamaGov will fake care of everything.

Things go ‘thunk’!

Until they go CLUNK.

Sarah posted a thinkin’ post today. One that made me look back at my ‘we need more of this’ post. I’m not changing my stance. Reason: people that are GENETICALLY altered to carry humongous loads of Viral material without symptom are walking Biowarfare weapons. One without a trigger or control or governor function built in, and that makes the VAXXED dangerous to everyone, INCLUDING THEMSELVES. Nope, gotta stand by what was published because unguided missiles are just as dangerous, if not more so, than the targeting types.

Its not a matter of paranoia, facts are coming out all over that the VAXXED are causing problems, especially in high ratio vaxxed areas. That hockey stick spike since round threes started should give even the devout, pause.

Just not sure what can be done about it now, since the oligarchs have already started this new variation of genocide. Rather sick the way they keep pushing this shit and even pushing to get the littles involved now.

Its not my answer, but its obvious that in answer to Sarahs question: THE OLIGARCHS.

Still ain’t right, and I’ll fight as long as I can draw breath. I’m thinking we are about to hear things go CLUNK fairly soon (starting with the markets, get ready)

2 responses

  1. Covid-1984

    They got rid of the meth face posters at the local Pump-U-Full.
    Now it has the little video of sportsball or some other road apples.
    The spent vape pens are everywhere but there is no THC allowed in Red State.
    I thought it might be a cost effective alternative now that name brand cigarettes are almost $6 a pack?
    People were buying the roll your own smokes packs with papers but they increased the taxes by 1000% when it became known about the high demand, that was several plus years back.


    October 9, 2021 at 11:28 pm

    • Here, the Gov pushed through a 25%tax on ALL vape products at each stage of sale: purchase for retail, over the counter, and outlawed all shipping except to licensed retailers. By the time it gets in my hands its tripled in price, cuz no one but the end user actually pays tax, they just collect it. Guess we know one of his contributors


      October 10, 2021 at 6:38 am

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