Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

working in the dark

a literal and a metaphorical statement right there.   One, its well past midnight, and I am wide-awake, sitting at the desk tapping away.  The other side of it being that information flows right now seem ‘off’ on the webs.   Not a lot of traffic as things are rolling into the winter months and the FRAUD is seemingly in retreat/regroup mode.

Not a lot of traffic,,,    Maybe that is due to so much getting shut down world-wide and resources are locked up in situ and route.  Maybe the fact that, as Sarah mentioned, people are waking up to things and finding that they like being home more, either working from, or staying home and plying the ‘traditional’ roles of mother/teacher/homekeeper.    I don’t have a good feel for it in these parts as things really haven’t changed all that much, other than slow downs and that materials are getting outright expensive.  ($20 for a 2’x3’ sheet of luan??  Srsly???). 

Have been seeing more people masked up the last week; still being the contrarian and refusing the mask of shame. The only case where I am not contrarian is at the Docs, and thats just “politics” to shut down the bullshit and lubricate the process so I am not taking all day to deal with Da’s stuff. but that mask is coming off ASAP, and usually before I get out of the building.  One case of the mask I have seen that made complete sense to me was seeing my Cuz wearing one while mowing the grass.   Yeah, PPE while mowing with all the dust and pollen and other crap getting stirred up, Gotcha….  Makes sense.   Seem to recall that Soffitrat wore a mask while out mowing his fields too.   Granted he was already deep into COPD and struggling during normal activity, and the dust created mowing those Texas fields could be epic.

There are a lot of components for strife floating around the system right now.   The Affy’s that are being relocated around the country for one.  Heard that there is a group of them about to be ‘resettled’ in the Nashville area.    That oughta be an interesting clash of ethnic groups.   I say it here all the time, Things don’t change FAST in these parts.   Add in that there is definitely an ‘intolerance’ factor built into people here and some A$$hat wants to toss in 14th century Goat herders that still wipe their asses with their bare hands,,,,  Naw, Can’t see that having any backlash. And Gawd forbid one of the Goatherders practices that kid diddlin’ thing.  THAT, won’t fly well in these hills.   Maybe thats why the goobers in charge of this mess chose Nashville over Knoxville.  Dunno.  I can’t see that much difference in mindset between the two cities, but I don’t get to Nash much.  

I just find the Lefts hatred for America so flabbergasting.   Hatred is the only thing that makes sense when you start trying to figure out the cause of what they do.   They undermine this country at will, and yet this country is what allows them to exist.   (for now.  I can see change coming that will make it hard for a lefty to get along).  Are they so self loathing that they have to destroy everything good everywhere?   Its nuts.  I am just a simple man wanting a simple life, but thats not good enough for them.   They have to destroy even the means so that I could have my simple life.   And to hear them say  things like “you will own nothing and be happy” when talking about the Great Reset.   I hear “you’ll be our slaves and shut the fuck up about it.” and well, Ya’know, that don’t sit too well with this contrarian simple man.  In the other words, Don’t start nuthin’, won’t be nuthin’.   BUT, they keep digging, pushing, undermining, and needling away at everything good in the world.

I’m just waiting.   Blowback is coming, its inevitable, and they made it so.

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