Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

feeling a touch refreshed.

Its the little things that need to be remembered, thought about and considered when the Darkest hours are virtually overhead.   And one reason why I love Sarah’s posts.   She lived under those darkest of times as a child and teen,  so has a better perspective of ‘the territory’ we find ourselves in.   And she is an ‘Odd’, rather like me and others who “Don’t Fit In”, (and that hit home BIG TIME this week,,,   I may have to beat on a new puppy at work,,,   I despise being ‘worshiped’,,,,  I guess I may have to pick my nose or something in front of him, or sumpin’ else disgusting.)

I haven’t had a finger on the pulse of things other than over at ATH, so whatever is going on is on my list of to do tonight.   I hate to let things slide, but I need my G&C right now, and that is KAYAKS in some form or another.   My little experiment(as mentioned in first post yesterday) is 1-0 right now.   The Graphite and Resin worked awesome, much better than I expected.  Even using the ballistic nylon as the ‘glass’, its very rigid, very Black, and definite for the cockpit coaming.   I will double the nylon with glass and it should be perfect.  On the other hand, the 2 part and the Mica,,,,   Looks good, but mooshy as all get out.   It may just be that the 2 part was old, or that there wasn’t enough hardener in the mix, or a combination of both, but, I will try again because I want that top deck to shine.   (and someone has told me that may not be a good thing in sunny weather.  I guess I will find out, eh?)

Both myself and my brudderfromanuddermudder are itching to get some seat time in.   BEFORE it gets too damned cold to be going out.  And while we still have some daylight to play in.   Soon enough, the days will be 10 hours or less: not good when you want to do a long dayrun like we did in July. and neither of us really wants to do the camp-kayaking thing right now.   With my Da being on the sick-list, I can’t justify being away for more than a day, so camping is out for the time being.  In B’s case, I think it’s also a family thing, as he spends more time away in his J.O.B. thing anyways.

Anywhoos, I need to glue some more peices to my Coaming Jig so that I can make this cockpit and daylight is sliding over to the west FAST right now.   I need to get some surf time in on the nets and get caught up, but that CAN wait until I am past “can’t”, as in Can’t see to work,,,,

More laters,,,

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