Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Winter post reprise

I said in that last post that,,,

I have been driving myself nuts trying to answer the one question that keeps coming back time and again; “how do WE, the little people in the world, the ones that actually make the whole thing functional, FIX this shit?”  And I keep coming up with one answer, even though I HATE it.   We can’t. Let it burn. 

Well, maybe not so much.  It’s gonna burn, that isn’t in question, IMO.   What can we do then, is what Claire Wolfe, Sarah Hoyt, (off the top of my head) and many others have been saying.  We need to build workarounds, under, over or through the current net of FedReg BS.   We can build our little businesses ‘underground’, or even above-ground, like my APRN I mentioned in that post.  She is still doing what she loves, still has to deal with the Regs to a large part, but she can do it on HER terms, and thats the key point.  We need to figure out how we do our thing one our terms, and build up our world outside, around, or under the current PILE, so when that Pile collapses, we are still functional.

And yeah, WAY easier said than done.   My schtick is education.  I always wanted to be a teacher, but with how things started evolving, even as I was leaving the school systems, things were not going to go my way, EVER.   Hell, the last thing I would want to be in the System is a White male teacher.   It only takes one ticked off female student (or even male these days) to get your phone number and send you a Sext, immediately calling the cops to let them know,,,,   Career? FINI,  Freedoms, Likely Vaporized.   Future?  NOT in that field if ANY,,,,      No, that doesn’t sound at all like a good option to me.  BUT, I have been doing some research and with all the lockdown horseshit, schools doing the whole remote classroom thing, and many parents finding out just how little is being taught OR that what is being taught does not align with their core beliefs, that Private Tutoring is becoming a thing again.   And you don’t need state certification to tutor,,,   It’s just like “any other job”, you have to make the interview process to get hired.  And you must know your shit, of course,,,   And teaching an individual student is much easier than trying to figure out 30+ individuals learning needs every quarter or semester.  While I am not actively pursuing that right now, Its in consideration when I move, and I AM looking into what if any rules are applied to Private tutoring in SC. 

As for WHAT I will tutor?   History, creative writing, Basic Science intros, and if I get set up right, some Vocational stuff, like welding, Fabrication, Auto Mechanics.   My only limitation is Space more than time, and that may get corrected faster with a move than staying put here. (and here, I have that whole ‘he talks funny’ thing working against me,,,  No accent to speak of, unless I fake it and that shows just as much.)

Hell, the number of things I had to learn to go off-grid would suffice for teaching skill to others.  I could call my class “Common Sense 101” or sum-such,,,  LOL.  (

What do you know how to do that you could teach to some young’un?    What do you know how to do that others would pay you for, and you could do from home that would undermine the FRAUD by denying them Ill gotten Gains or as they like to call it, Revenue (I am sure the highwaymen of yore thought the same way, and there is little difference other than “color of law”.). 

WE MUST pull consent!  We need to pull their teeth by denying them Revenues.  We need to blunt their edges by Starving the system until IT bleeds,,,,    And we won’t do that by maintaining that Status Quo job, doing the same thing we have been doing for the last thirty years and VOATING HARDER,,,   

We sure won’t do it by accepting that the VaxxnottaVaxx is ‘essential’ to liberty.   And if enough people are working the underground-around the edges, we WON’T NEED TO, we can become self-supporting in our own ways without their permissions, permits, bribes and bullshit.   

And I think we, As in “WE THE PEOPLE” will be much better for it, and better able to face the collapse when it happens.  

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