Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Peeking behind my curtains

Several years ago, I researched some tricks about “grounding and centering”.  One of those tricks is how to slowly awaken, so that your subconscious is ‘exposed’ while your conscious side is coming to.  Both are in play, and the one can observe the other.  You’ll be familiar with this as the “I know this is a dream” state: Learning how to control your waking pattern lets you access what the subconscious is doing behind closed doors so to speak.  It is NOT reliable though.  Sometimes the consciousness has an affect on what the sub is doing.    The key to the trick is scheduling, and no interruptions.   The last week, Voo has been a thorn in my side, deciding that he wants to come off night shift at 4 am.   4 Seems to be a magic time for my sub to play, and a doggum woofing at the time clock tends to scare it off.

This morning, with warmer weather flows in the area, Voo didn’t play his time shift management scheme and I was able to drift up through the play ground of my mind.   

My subconscious has been doing some weird shit.  Christ, where did these ideas come from.   

I can’t say it is from anything I a have been reading; the last two books I have (re)read, or am reading were Heinleins “Door into summer”, Blake Snyders “Save the cat” and Dwight Swain “Selling writer”.   One fiction, and two self help type books.   

But my thoughts this AM revolved around ‘body snatchers’ and ‘Organ harvesting’ and keeping my Da out the hands of evil doktors paws.  Even to the point of sticking .45 into the chest of one and removing a cyst for him.

Ok, so maybe there is some influences there that make logical sense, but the whole organ harvesting thing,,,    Dunno where that came from, not even a little.   The last time I read anything along these lines was Robert Gores “Prime Deceit”          

I won’t give away anymore about that book, no spoilers, but it is a fine read, and a completely different genre from his Golden Pinnacle book.

Maybe it’s just my general distrust of the world currently.   I don’t trust the media, with reason.  I don’t trust advertisers anymore, again, reasons. (Like the fact that my ‘Niche’ is supposedly evil and should be exterminated since they keep painting us white doods as effimimate and ineffectual shits). I REALLY DO NOT TRUST THE GOOBER-MINTS, and don’t need to explain that one, now do I?  And until recent, (last 18 months with the icing on top added just this last month) I did trust the medical fields.   And I do still trust individuals within, but note, INDIVIDUALS, not institutions.  Seeing  first hand, one institution blatantly lying, using a hacked profile to propagate its lie,,,  no, that trust is blow’d TF ups.

Da isn’t waiting on deaths door step, that much is certain.  Believe me, it isn’t all because of their efforts, it has much more to do with his living better than most (health wise) and that he is a stubborn old coot that demands living on his own terms (IE, no tubes up the peewee, get those drugs off my counter, etc etc).  His only real concession to them was that he is cutting the pork out. I personally think its more that he had a lazy spell since the outbreak of a NOT-Pandemic, and that allowed the crud to build in his pipes.  Last year was a slow spell for a lot of things.  His bee hives were about half the number of previous years, I don’t think he cut near as much wood because one of his brothers was super paranoid about the ‘Ronas, and I know that the Ticks in the woods cut down on his walking habits.*   It was also the year he ‘broke down’ and had cable installed, And that was actually a plus as he started paying attention to the bullshit and ‘woke up’.   Total RedPill moment for him.   Thank the small gods for that because he saw the hype for what it was/is and won’t be playing into the hands of those that want US dead.

But back to that whole organ harvesting thing.   How much of that is going on and not being talked about.  How many bodies are being cut open to supply parts for others and no one the wiser.   I have read (not recent so maybe this is just a delayed reaction thing in my sub) that organ harvesting in China is rampant.   Lord knows, the current FRAUD has many indications its deep under the sheets with China, and maybe, there some connections and cross-overs taking place.   And that whole Chinese Gordian knot has me confused a bit as well, seeing how China is more apt to use Fiscal means over brute force to take control. Look around, you will find that more than a few businesses are now fully Chinese owned, especially businesses developed around resources.  Smithfield meats, for one.   Several LARGE Coal mines within 200 miles of me, all Chinese owned, and about the only ones still operating at more than skeleton crew levels.  

I don’t want to get too deep into it and start going all tin-foil hat territory here.  But my subconscious is picking up on something and thats the interpretation it came up with.  I trust my Sub, it has it moments of questionability, but it tends to be more right than my logical and BIASED forebrain.  

More laters, gotta do the Pretend Welding Fabricator thingy, while I make stuff for myself on the side.     Maybe I’ll see something that will shed light on why my subconscious chose that subject to play with this morning.

*(Ticks around here are BAD, and they have developed a strange venom or something.  A tick is what killed Grizzy1, and it only took three days.  If I pick up a tick, it makes a patch of my skin itchy as all get out for weeks.  Same with Da and the rest of the family.   AND it seems isolated to around here.  Picked up a tick over at the camp out and it did not do what the ticks here do.)

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