Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

back to capitalism,,,

Its back to the salt-mines tomorrow. As well as another Doc appointment for the Da. BUT, the old man Bossman is back in town, and if that short leash is not in obvious play,,,,

It may be a rather short day.

I don’t intend on quitting, not right of the gate, but one snide remark, imagone!!!! Simple fact, and one I stated to Son when we discussed my coming back: I don’t NEED the job, but the Job most definitely needs me (or someone of my caliber) and he agreed completely. Prior, when I was thinking I should go back, I decided to sleep on it. I had a dream that night of my going back. And there in the dream, I saw the look on boss mans face as I was walking into the shop, and I woke up, saying “Aw, Hell No!!!” It was the look of a conqueror over his new slaves, a gloating sneer, and that whole concept just does not sit with me. I work, I will work my ass off. And I will give 110% to any job, no matter the pay, because that is how I was raised: You make the bargain, and honor that bargain with all you are worth. BUT I will never be owned, not for any price. That was over a month ago, before my mama passed away. The ONLY reason I went back now, was Son ASKED Me to come back, and the situation with my Da favored the position for the interim between his needs, and our moving our butts out of this state. I am rather fond of income, even if I have to work for it… LOL

I also want to see just what the deal is with the pay. Wasn’t at all happy with the end result this week, and I don’t know if that was something that hadn’t been worked out or if the Bossman overrode the Son’s decisions. If I don’t see something improved this week,,, I am not one to milk a clock, even if I think I am getting the short end of a stick. Its not my nature. If I know I can do the job in half the time others can, I don’t dawdle, I do the thing, and move on to the next. Keep up if you can, I’m coming through. After years of ‘showbiz’, ‘the show must go on’ is not just a saying, its a way of life. Get in, do the show, load out, on to the next town. Same thing in ‘my’ shop. Project order in, build the project, on to the next. Just like while on the road: they didn’t pay me to mix the show, they paid me to make the show happen. Mixing the show was the perk. Welding is something I would do for free, because I like the “Zen Nature” of watching the puddle, making sure the weld is solid through and through, seeing fine welds that appear as if they were grown that way, not slapped in place by some hack. The work is the setup, production and keeping all of those bits and pieces in order and the machines functional. Making sure we have products on-hand for sale: garbage bins, dog kennels and other stuff we sell ‘off the dock’. Making sure we have expendables on hand as needed for when they start to get low on the machines (I need to order welding gas and wire this week. Son bought a New machine so tips and other parts won’t be in demand for a while yet.) Speaking of which, Son spent several GRAND on a new Millermatic 215. A multi-process welder, capable of Stick, MIG and TIG and spoolgun capable for Aluminum. He is purchasing all the peripherals for it so that as needed I can do the things that we have had to outsource before. Yes, I can do all those types of welding. May be a bit rusty with the aluminum stuff as its not often I get to play in non-ferrous metals, but I have done it, know I can do it, and if need be, will spend a couple of hours, off the clock, playing to make sure that my beads are ready for prime time and customers. Just that is one of the things that sets me apart from the rest of his crews. I will take my own time to make sure that the work I do is exemplary for the job. Not muddle my way through thinking no one notices. (though I am on record telling one guy “Who ya kiddin? I’m making it up as I go along.” when he asked how I knew so much.) Seeing that they were willing to purchase a high dollar welder, new from the factory, I don’t think offering a skilled welder a bit more than twelve fifty an hour is too much. (and I AM the highest paid employee there,) (the only reason I continue farting with it, before I quit and now that Da is sick, is convenience to my lifestyle, not because of the wondrous treatment or high level benefits,,, I know that if I were to go somewhere else, the demand for my attendance would be critical to the job, where now, I can take off as needed and still have the job. Even if that means I take weeks off to go out of town to find a new place to go to.)(I would like to be in a position where I could do ‘Gigs’, not be strapped down to that ‘one good day J.O.B. thing, so I could focus more on the writing.)

But all of this is just me thinking out loud so to speak. In some ways, I went back for ‘something to do’ to break the monotony of how my days had started to become. I’m still up at 4 am everyday, but the writing is taking a hit since I had to revert to the PC with the Mac out for replacement. I really do not like working in the PC realm after being babied by the Mac. All and I do mean ALL, of my writing programs run so much smoother and cleaner on the Mac, making my ‘go with the flow’ type of writing seamless. The windows unit ‘glitches’ and hangs up, as I described, and I don’t see the words forming ‘before my eyes’ like I do with the Mac. Tap out 50 characters and maybe 15 show up then the whole screen pauses as the characters catch up.

Have ya ever driven in convoy? Unless everyone is used to it, the whole convoy will ‘caterpillar’ along, getting longer and shorter as the drivers alternate between accelerating and braking to keep formation. Pro drivers don’t do it near as bad as others, but there is always some delay and from the air, the whole thing looks like a caterpillar inching along. THAT is what I see in my writing on this PC. And it irks the shit out of me. A top of the line processor, 16GB of Ram, and the whole Operating system is MUD that slogs along polluted by dawg only knows how many background programs. Stuff you can’t change without root privilege’s, and MS won’t give those out.(Admin level isn’t good enough in 10.) (seriously, MS should have left well enough alone after XP and Vista.) After I get the Mac back, I am considering just dropping TAILS on this drive and being done with it. Hard burn it in. If that means I can’t use it online because TAILS may not recognize the hardware, So Be IT. So far I haven’t been real impressed with this machine before, or after getting the Mac.

Hell, its all planned obsolescence any ways. That’s why my Mac ended up eating it. The motherboard finally caved to the pressure of time and electrons. And HOPEFULLY, That machine will be in my grubby zinc oxide/welding soot coated paws tomorrow afternoon. (crosses fingers and toes,,,) Wednesday at the latest.

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