Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Whadda week

Playing ‘rent to my Da, doing the Doctor things, running all over three counties to keep him here in our reality, doing the ‘Nurse Dio’ impression checking vitals, making sure meds are properly laid out and TAKEN. (He is not used to a medicine regimine, and ‘forgets’ unhuh,,,) (not that I berate him or anything, I know he hates taking OTC pain stuff, needing to take ‘scrips eat at his pride.)

New(er) Mac is on its way to me, should be here Saturday or Tuesday, grkkk. I fell in love with the Mac and it makes my ‘real job’ SOOoooo much easier and nicer. Guy that sold it to me has AWESOME customer care, and great Communication, those usually go hand and hand, but not always. This guy has both, in spades.

Speaking of which, Guy has a very interesting story in life, and wants someone to author his Autobiography. I politely declined because I am a pantser type writer and would more than likely mangle any manuscript requiring strict protocols like an auto-bio. If ANY of my readers feel inclined to do such a project, feel free to contact me by my protonmail, and I will introduce you to him.

But the weekend is here, I’m flummoxed by the cacophony of mixed and conflictimg reports of the world, and I have TWO yards that need mowed and weedeated this weekend. We had such awesomely timed rain from Ida to push the grass outta the ground, and the grass did just that; poof!!! Or maybe I was just too busy to not noticethat it was already outta hand,,, or both,,,, m

Probably both.


What can I say, I’m inherently lazy when it comes to “chores”. Just ask my sisters,,,lol.

Back to that world noise though. Something Da and I were talking about this afternoon while I played ‘Nurse Dio’ was getting ME outta the hills and in the lowlands nearer Middle Sis. I made comment that we will see the slippery slope gather speed here soon and he acted like I was crazy: till I explained. The Fiat currency called DOLLARS is based upon NOTHING in reality, except TRUST. Do ANY of you think we have the trust of the world since the last few weeks of Boondoggle the FRAUD has kicked out?

I don’t.

I think the ONLY reason the dollar hasn’t collapsed yet, is that all the players OTHER THAN THE FRAUD, are meeting up, negotiating and making deals, and when the time is right,,,,

FMF? BRIC? Guess we’ll see, but hard times are coming, even if we don’t fracture apart like a glass vase. Maybe shattering would be the least painful over systemic collapse with a corpse for a Government.

And to absolutley honest, this area is likely in serious trouble if things do go sideways. Yes, there is a significant ratio of Military types from here, both in and out, but that isn’t the problem. The problem are the shitheels that are methheads, opioid slaves, and general n’er-do-wells that ARE prolific here’bouts. As well as the systemic corruption of local politicos, who like being ‘at the top’ for contract deals and inside info on what areas to buy as zoning changes,,, This area is near mirror’s view of what is going on in Mordor on the Potomac. Because its so insignificant to the larger picture, things ‘slide’ that would become a fault line elsewhere.

Or not. Seems this is just Human Nature writ large,,, 🤨 I’ve seen it in other places too, just not so in your face as here. Or maybe its just like the rest of this country and its powrt centers. Whatcha gonna do about it boys? Kind of thing.

Maybe the shooting point is long past, but I still see it coming like a speeding freight train ,,,

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