Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

One wasn’t enough, I guess

as in, One life of trouble wasn’t enough, I had to take on a second, and a third,,,,

I ain’t complaining, this is my Da that I am taking care of. as well as three cats, a dawg, two yards and suddenly back to working,,, well, Part time, since I am spending almost as much time chauffeuring Da to all of his Doc appointments, and as acting liaison between him and the Docs since he has a tendency to ignore them if he doesn’t understand, instead of sayin’ “Go back, explain that”.

and the world continues to swirl the bowl. Again was told that the hospital is under serious strain from Covids 1984, Delta and Lambda-falala-ding-dong. And there were a lot of cars in the lots, but I still believe the numbers they were ‘advertising’ are skewed for effect, not facts. It says something when trust is so broken, not even a hospital we are accessing on a regular basis has our absolute trust. I question everything there, even the docs that are attending my Da. Maybe “ESPECIALLY” the Docs attending my Da since they work for the Administration that is publishing numbers that don’t add up.

My Mac is out for warranty, and I am tapping this out on the PC, using the hotspot of the phone, instead of trying to use the phone directly. Something I am noting. Speed on the Mac using the hotspot is not noticeably different than if I were direct to wi-fi. The PC? um, yeah, about that memo thingy, and your typing speed,,, Sheesh, what a pain. I Tap out 20 words and have to wait for the screen to catch up. Then another 20, maybe correct my previous typos as things get up to speed, then again. And again. Frustrating, but, I much prefer typing to tapping on a screen.

I want to talk about the world at large, but to be honest, playing catch up at work, running Da all over for appointments, prescriptions, and other errand running as needed, I am quickly falling behind in the bigger picture. I spent half an hour while waiting for Da to be taken back (me with of course) at the Cardiologists, catching up on Cold Fury. Opened the home page and found I was about 5 posts behind. SO, start at the last read and work backwards. Its easier because some posts are rehash of an earlier post (the one about some commie teacher in Kalifruitopia) Honestly, If I had found a teacher like that were teaching my daughter in her High School, well, there’d have been another unmarked and shallow grave in Ohio near the Indian Mounds. Just sayin. At least her first 10 years were in Catholic schools, and what they taught her allowed her to finish out in the public schools without damage. Yeah, there is some indoctrination of a religious order, but not that political indoctrination of a federally funded public school. And definitely not the Communist indoctrination of our current schools.

Affy. I firmly believe that this event is either cover-up by the Administration for crimes against the people the US, or. OR.

The outer display of a war going on between factions of the Swamp. Whatever it is, what is being told to the general public is NOT truth, and the words leaking out of Kabul are describing MURDER by Negligence. Knowing that people are going to be targeted by the victors than OPENLY telling them “Sorry Sucker, You’re on your own.” Or as Michael Yon described, The Taliban bringing Americans to the Kabul airport for transfer out and the “reigning’ General Totally woke Milley telling them to get fucked,,,, That is murder, pure and simple. What is being said about all of this mess displays more malice undersurface than mere Incompetency of a mental defective.

but no matter what the ultimate truth is here, the whole thing stinks to high heaven.

And the dark anniversary of 9/11 is just around the corner. I somehow think, that if there is a major event on that date, it WILL NOT BE by some ‘muslim terrorist group’, but will very much be blamed on one. Like ISIS-K ‘fortified with Alphabet agencies’ cereal. And the Media will Jump on that wagon with so much zeal because it will help them cover their own asses for assisting the Dog and Pony show fuck up of Affy, and SLO-Jo and the Hoe.

This government is the living dead, and has no hope of recovering the power it had. IT MUST BE REPLACED, and I fear even the factions of the lowest levels of the Swamp are well aware of it and making moves to BE THAT POWER. WE the PEOPLE can not allow that to happen. A seriously inept leviathan is far more livable than a Military or Intelligence Junta.

Shits about to get heavy. That is the only thing I can say with any certainty. We ain’t seen nuthin yet.

Watch your six, keep the friends close, know where the guns and clothes are even in the dark, and have at least three exit plans for where you are.

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