Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Clueless much?

Well, looking at that face, if’n ya can stomach such, purt’much says all that needs said, eh?

Sorry, maybe I should link the peice first.

I recall a story, dunno the truth of it, about Oblammy-o-boy’s peeps meeting with the Big Three back during the 2008 meltdown.  Demanding a ‘certain MPG’ and one of the Big Three Veepz saying “we can’t break the laws of Physics” and O-boys peeps countering “we’ll just repeal that law so you can make this happen”.

Damned if history doesn’t yodel that tune from the mountain tops,,  may be a little offkey, but the song is the same,, 

The lie is that “electric is Zero Emissions”; of course the Emissions are ‘not at source’, so the greenies can feel better, but the fact remains that our current emmisions standards have made our current tail pipe ‘ick’ damned near harmless.  Other than carbon monoxide and very few trace hydrocarbons, almost everything else is just a different percentage of normal air. 

The downside, multiple computer control points, several large accumulations of heavy metals (the catalyst,,,) and higher costs at pre, during,  and post purchase.  Maintenance goes up with technology and adequate techs get harder to train.  When I stopped turning wrenches (beacsue I started twisting knobs in front of loud music) the trend for parts hangers was written on the walls (literallyat one place I worked.)  F. Doktor, one of our greybeards, saw it, warned me, and he was the absolute BEST drivibility tech, and taught me as much as he could (which is gatherig dust in my archives, but hasn’t gone anywhere)

Yeah, just move the point source over the horizon and ‘no emmisions mom!!!’.  Use solar cells, with a horrid list of hazmat during and post construction, Lithium battery banks with NO RECYCLING PROGRAM available, and strip mines that rival the worst MTR program of Appalchian history.(Ikeep pointing this out and watch, someone is gonna figger it out, amd make flipping BANK on it.  I haven’t the chemical or engineering background to do it, but a small group could and quickly hit ‘set for life’ status if they kept thier heads) 

Isn’t that the way of the poly-tickians though? Kick that can down the road a little harder, no problem (right now!!!) And they will be long gone and living off the fat when the bills come due.  (And thats ANY career Poly-Tick!!!)

Wonder why they feel the need to push things so hard? Maybe they KNOW that something is about to ‘pop!’, like a bursting abcess, and the Ick is ginna get deep. Gotta keep the proles distracted from the truth or they might start looking for the instigators of the problems.

And that was my lunch,,,,,

Back to sorting and packing: brick-a-brack to go to goodwill.

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