Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Lets face a fact, at least my own personal fact, your milage and performance may vary. If I were to react to every aspect of the deluge of information I expose myself to, there would be piles of bodies, and I would have gone full Jeremiah Johnson years ago.

Fact is, I allow these emotions/reactions just enough rope to bubble to the surface so I can analyze them, and make RATIONAL decisions about my course and speed. The public weather systems, so to speak, also play a part in these decisions, and that has made some of my choices extremely hard of late.

Heres an example. People around here are really getting the point that our “faux Faucci induced leadership” hasn’t a fuckin’ clue, but if you go to a national chainstore (pick one. Doesn’t matter which) they want you to follow the ‘mandates’ of the clueless.

If you want a decent job that pays, they want you to have the jab, wear a mask, and keep 6′ apart at all times. (I ask, if one works, why demand all of the above? If they don’t, WHY DEMAND ALL OF THE ABOVE?)

We have a term in kayaking rivers, its called “converging currents” (I’m sure other boaters are familiar with the term.) Converging currents are not a good place to be when unprepared. Even for the skilled, these can be either a fun play ground or a nightmare, and you don’t always have a choice of which it will be.

I’m seeing converging currents (CC’s)on our ride down this river into history. Part of me wants to paddle to the shoreline and portage around it. But I am having a hard time seeing a shoreline that looks friendly. Even the better sections loom sharp enough to sink a single boater.

Another way through CCs that works is ‘rafting up’; all the indivudual boaters get side by side and lay paddles across each others boats, forming an improvised raft. The whole formation rolls right over the turbulence, flexing just enough, but keeping everybodies head high and dry. The downside to it is uncontrollable direction since every body has paddles engaged as connections: the entire formation moves at the whim of the current. The advantage is being able to break the connections if things go sideways. At that point it becomes the SS YOYO (Sorry sucker, you’re on your own.)

I dunno, the weather on this section is bleak, dark, and turbulent, and I’m straining to keep my reasons inline with my goals. And my goals are to not live under a communist regime. (Oops, thats already here isnt it??)

Ok, I need to climb out of the cesspits today, shower off and adjust my outlook. Once I’ve cleaned up, I’ll read the compass, feel the winds and decide on todays headings.

I may even take Serena out for stroll on the lake later (when the heat gets to flat puddle-o-kat levels)

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