Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Just diggin’ on faiths

Back a few years ago, I wrote this. RTWT, it wont take ya long.

Recently I started reading stuff by Metallicman, (follow the link and prepare for the rabbit hole,,, ) I don’t expect 90% to understand, and I would bet MM would concur. Hell, make that 96% (another thanx to Ohio Guy for the suggestion.)

And then I see things like this

The top image is 9 harmonics of sound that make up Music within one octave. The bottom is an xray of a shellfish. Not really something I didn’t know, but ‘seeing it’ side by side gives a little different perspective.

Particles or waves or both? Go ask the quantum.

I’m not goind to dive into my beliefs here, short of the short-story link above, but I strongly feel that 99.9% of the things we were taught are complete bullshit, written thousands of years agi by those intent on power. That the KJV bible is only a partial version (many missing books left aside for ‘reasons’) and has hundreds of mistranslations within, is all the reason I need to not rely on it as a guide.(and recent evidence in letters between translators, shows the mistranslations were intentional!!!) I understand that many will wanna argue with me about this and want to “save my soul”,,,

Spare me, please. I’m 52, raised in a southern baptist church for many years, have been around the world and seen/studied several religions including the one in the middle east that is NOT a peaceful one, no matter how many times some idiots state otherwise. I have studied several pagan religions as well, and the only thing I can say about ALL religions is they can make swallowing the unknown a little easier. The unknown in most cases is, “what happens after I die?”. And of all the religions, most all have some bullshit answer that doesnt actually answer shit. Most of the answers are about as informative as, ‘because the sky is blue’. The best ones IMO are the Buddhist and Wiccans. Reincarnation based on current moral alignment, or return to the summerlands for ‘recycling’. Basically the same premise with a little twist of lime for flavor.

Fact: no one really knows and if they claim they do, check your wallet and keep an eye on it. All supposition on this side of the matrix is just that; supposition. Stories told to ease the turmoil of ignorance that has no remedy. The knowing you don’t know and can’t fix the issue.

As stated in my story, I think its a change of state. And the vehicle is all that remains ‘here’ when we make that change. I have many reasons for thinking that and even lay one or two out in that short story, but recent reading has reinforced and expanded that thinking, and with scientific support. And the scary thing is, the theory is several thousand years old, pre-christianity, and was co-opted IN PART only, by those that wrote things in search of power and control. There are small signs of evidence of that theory scattered about the globe and in ruins that have only recently been uncovered. (Last 100 years or so recent)

I don’t care what you believe, just believe SOMETHING. and don’t try to force it down my throat. But even when you believe, QUESTION EVERYTHING because what you believe may have been perverted for someone else’s benefit.

And no, I am not an agnostic. I DO believe there is a higher power, just not the current defining talking points of a God or gods. I think its quite a bit more complex that that. I might use those terms while discussing such with a believer, but only to ‘not rock the boat’; my beliefs are compatible with most of them, so long as I don’t expand on it to much.

Anywhoos, I don’t like dragging all that out on ‘just a post’. More often I will write some little story or such to explain it, instead of creating a lecture or sermon. Most people are more open to that format than the others. And if they dont agree, it was ‘just entertainment ‘ and doesn’t make a ripple in thier lives. If it rings true to them, then the door is opened for discussion.

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