Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Growling outloud

I have machine tools. One is going away today. Sad, but true. The lathe is a wonder of the industrial revolution and the only machine capable of making itself. And mine is going to a new home where hopefully it will be used more than I have been able.

I could keep it and utilize it as a money maker, only, not so much. It would not be competitive against modern CNC machines. Its great for the hobbyist for knocking off one off parts (the ONLY reason I had it) but as a money generator, not so much.

But hauling a 1500# boat anchor 400 miles through the Great Smokey Mountains,,,, ummm, I’ll pass. Especially as I have no storage at the LZ. Time to part ways, maybe with a tear or two, but no regrets. And I have even more that needs sent on. This one is just one piece of a collection of stuff built up over the last 12+ years. (14 years since the split in august of 2008 *sigh*)

Rules for my decisions of ‘keep/maybe/pitch’ start with ‘do I use it weekly, or make a profit with it?’ . And I will make three piles or lists in that fashion. Once I have all three done, the Pitch pile goes for sale or trash, and I start on the ‘maybe’ pile. If I know someone with a love for the item in the maybe pile, they get a gift. If not, sell/pitch. (Pitch may be a goodwill donation if they take the items in question. They do have a ‘nope’ list. I don’t like cluttering up landfills with stoopid shit.) Techy stuff gets wiped to factory settings, memory scrubbed, and then sold or donated. I sold my old phones today after I wiped them with hard resets.

But one thing I found out the hard way about,,, Books. Never EVER sell your books. (Well, maybe the cheapy romance stuff, swap the things till the covers fall off, who cares,,, I don’t have any of those, so,,,) when I moved out after the split, I sold more than half of my books accumulated during that time, and now have a struggle replacing them. What I NOW have, stick with me. (And I am reeling in loaners that are out,,,) books may be cumbersome, but they don’t fail when the power stops flowing. They don’t accumulate errors from lending. And they will always maintain proper format for the end user. (So long as the bastards can read!!!) I need to start collating some of my older, out of print, ebooks into dead tree versions. Life keeps getting in the way on that endeavor,,,,

The books are the legacy that can potentially rebuild the world. Not just the ones I own, but all of them. When/If the net implodes, gets co-opted by evil or the infrastructure supporting it fails, all of the information we have learned to rely on will vanish into the æther, but books will remain.(for awhile anyways) KEEP YOUR BOOKS as well as the tools, both hand and power(and the bangy types) because they WILL be needed; its just a matter of ‘when’.

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