Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

What she said!!!!

Damned skippy!!!! RTWT

Lets take a different perspective. Tomorrow, I’m engaging in what, big picture, would/could/might be considered ‘a frivolous activity’. In the big picture, it is, because its not gonna change the world, or stop Covidiocy, or effect gorbalwhatchamacallits. Frivolous!!!

But from my perspective (the ONLY one that counts in my solipsistic little world) its borderline Herculean effort will help build back some damaged portions of ME that desperately need it.

So in the bugger picture, I-ME-MYSELF will be in a much better frame of existance to confront the raging war of Stoopid vs Common sense.

And lets face it, that is EXACTLY what is going on. The Side of Stoopid (you need only watch 30 secs of Kamalaladingdong to know I speak truth) THINKS they have the market cornered on IQ, for varied reasons they’ve fabricated. But they have NO common sense!!!! None, Zilch, Nada, Nyet!!! They think they can kill off 90% of the world Population and maintain their place of comfort in the world, never for a minute understanding that PEOPLE created the foundations they exist on. These things may be able to be supplemented with robots and AI, but the cores will always need that greasy thumbed tech, or that green thimbed farmer to sort out the issues.


Yeah, they are THAT level of stoopid. Just watch (on an empty stomach, or mildly intoxicated recommended) Occasional Cortex discussing economics.

Or (heavily intoxicated suggested) XiBiden, supreme pResident of the White House, Puppet in Chief of the Woke, just opening his mouth for babblegabbling some shit for the MSMs to ‘interpret’.

According to “reports” roughly half of the populace has been v@xxed. The numbers of issues continues to rise despite severe strapping down of reporting agencies, and the numbers of the wuflu had tapered off well before 10% had the jab. Personally, I feel that the way the original reporting, which has been shown to have been heavily padded, and the way they are suppressing information, the whole thing is a sham. I felt that last March, and to date, NOTHING has been laid out to sway me otherwise. The few I have read about locally that supposedly got the bug, had issues, but survived after a lengthy hospital stay, all had the same thing being said, simple treatments were the final solution (ivermectin or the quinine stuff) and worked fastest with least side effects,,, one guy spent 3 months on intubation before his wife demanded they ‘at least try’ the simple way, and was released 1 week later!!!! But the story was scrubbed after initial printing and I can not find an electron form of it. (Go’head, gaslight me and tell me ‘my lying eyes’ didn’t read that article or that ‘it never happened ‘,, I wasnt the only person to read it, and it was brought up by Bossman to SON without my prompting.)

Now, to say there was nothing? I’m not saying that, but I am saying that it was blown so far out of proportion for one reason only: hysteria induced power grab. A good friend of mine, Bones, has COPD that has strangled his breathing by 75%. He can NOT walk across a parking lot or more than 30′ before he has to sit and catch his breath. When this bug started, we were all concerned tbat it was his final days. For FACT, the man was exposed 4 times (if you trust their testing, I do not.) Never caught it or if he did, never showed a single sniffle from it. How has this man survived a pandemic that damn near shut down the world?

Because it WASN’T the bug, but the power mongers that shut it down.

If you’re still buying their bullshit. I CAN NOT HELP YOU. Nor will I try,,,

Wake up, accept that you have been lied to and lets ALL OF US get back to living and run these stoopid shits back under the rocks they should be hiding under.

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