Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Feelin’ impatient. Spent this morn working on my Da’s truck. Clean it off so I can see the problem(s) then pull the powersteering pump since it was definitely a leaker. Run around two counties to get the part (another downside to rural living: everything is out there, thataways, and straightlines in Appalachia? HA!!!! I laugh,,,) spent a total of 2 hours for it all, including cleanup and put my tools away, but not including driving which ate up another hour,,,

I’m feeling impatient because tomorrow is the day B n I are slotted for that 40 mile river run. Gonna empty the truck of tools because its gonna be parked in an unknown area for most of a day, and I really would not be a happy camper if my livelihood were stolen away. Truck damage I can handle but to steal a mans tools,,, well, lets not giv’em any temptation. (And I’m more than a little tempted to just pull the while damned workbox off to really avoid an issue.)

Like I said in previous post, this weekend is the challange I need to recover from some psych damage. I had a serious (to me) lapse in self esteem recently and this will help some with it. I’m taking Ghost. Wanted to take Serena, but loading her with gear is a trial and a half. Races are just fine, expeditions, not so much. Hopefully we won’t need the gear and tomorrow evening we are tossing back a couple beers over a pizza or sumpin. Thats the plan anyways, but the gear is for that ‘just in case’ us old doods sputter n stall. I don’t see it happening, but-cha n’er know.

Impatience or not, we don’t hit water till dawn tomorrow. Wolfcreek dam is releasing water through one Gen at 8 bumping up to 2+around 10am. From there, its 40 miles downstream to Burkesville. Some dood told B that the run was a two day run n matter what, and B and I just can’t see it. With water release (and I have been on that section during a release day, it comes up FAST) going downstream, we both feel, even leisurely paddling would cover s lot of distance. The only way its ‘impossible’, we feel, is if you were doing it as a float and jacking around a lot. We plan on one lunch stop, and maybe hydraulic pressures stops as needed, but water breaks are going to be while on the move.

You could say we will be ‘cheating’ because we will be taking advantage of the ‘bubble’ of a water release; a controlled flash flood if you will.

Note the rise and fall, thats the release hitting B-ville. We’ll be in front of that bubble somewhere. I don’t think our naysayer understood about the releases

And having been on that river for a release, I know how fast that water comes up. It may be measured in inches per minute, (a true flashflood is in feet per minute) but I saw that river level rise 6′ in less than 3 hours. Thats a helluva boost to moving things downstream, and we plan on using it to our advantage.

But its time for me to clear tools outta the truck and load a boat and gear. Y’all take care, I’ll update later of things change, and maybe another post on a different topic,,,

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