Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Why write?

This is sorta sumpin sumpin of a homework assignment. I’m ‘a published author ‘ and I’d like to take it further, and lets face it, Ain’t none of us an Island. I need some assistance/guidance/expert opinion, (as well as the nitty gritty doing the marketing thing, which I despise,,,)

But why do I write? Is it like masturbation, fun and pleasurable for the short term, but that dirty little secret that no one talks about? Or is it because it does something more profound but just as intangible; provide a purpose?

Well, Heinlein liked to joke that authors were likened to people that discuss politics over dinner, “they may have other dirty habits “. He joked about how his writing was the evil he subjected himself to to pay the mortgage. Yet the man was damned good at it.

I wrote “Wings” because it had taken on a life in my mind and was generating pressure to be released. But thats not ‘good enough ‘ of a reason. There is more to it. Hey, I write here every day (mostly) and this only accounts for a small percentage of what I tap out regular like.

Yet none of that has had the ‘publish now’ button hit. An excruciating amount of time (a habit I have been changing) it was the delete button. (I’ve started hitting save far more since Wings was published. It may be crap right now, but I’ve found, sometimes, it can be scrubbed down, sanded and repainted for a better fit somewhere. Or as Heinlein would say, the serial numbers filed off and hammered in somewhere else.)

And I write because my social skills have never been my strong suit. I can talk in public, but debate is best left to monologues and commentary. Spoken word gets me all tongue tied in debate. (And its not that I can’t think, I think too fast on multiple lines and bad things happen between brain and tongue,,,)

I write because I need expression and the cats make up a horrible audience.

I write because I want to teach others what I know (and the current education indoctrination system would have an aneurysm if I were to try,,,)

I want to entertain educationally. People learn best what they enjoy. They can learn from the negative as well, but the negative usually hurts, and pain doesn’t sell (well, Ive heard of masochists paying primo duckies for it, but thats way outta my line of work and desires.)

To have these things earning an income well enough that I could focus more on them would be a dream come true (you are never given a wish without the ability to make it come true. You may have to work at it though. Richard Bach) and thats the point of where I am playing in my mind and RW right now. Going back to a J.O.B. fills me with dread right now: almost a feeling of ‘If I back track now, my soul is lost!’. And no, thats not melodrama, that is the emotion I feel when it crosses my mind. Okay, maybe it is melodramatic, but there is no denying its intensity.

I’ve wanted to be a teacher since the 8th grade. After ‘failing’ because of a Coach wannbe teacher (he ‘taught’ because it was a requirement for coaching football) and then being shown that the words used to describe me(by said wannabe) were pure fiction by a REAL teacher, my fate was sealed. And the next year, I was begrudging the fact that the first required course was the same as the one that failed me, and the teacher was also a coach,,,, Only, this guy CARED about the subject as much as he cared about his coaching. History!!! He was a natural teacher, had talent for it, could find the best way to teach many different people (we all learn best, differently, and not all ‘teachers’ can adapt as readily as he did) I spent the next three years taking EVERY course he taught and when senior year rolled around was despairing as he had no courses left to take. (He should have been the American Government teacher, but that course was ran by a liberal shit-tard. I hated it, and now, with age and experiance, understand why. Asshat was the communist shitbag,,, but I digress.)

See, he made learning fun, and the lessons he taught were more about HOW to learn, and more than just history. He showed us little shitbags how to break a subject down and see it from different perspectives and parse it back to whole. He would make us roleplay key historical points and see if we could find better solutions than the original participants. He would withhold key points to surprise us with, usually driving the lesson home as if he’d hit us with a Cluebat.

I couldn’t tell you many dates, but I can tell you the significance of the points by name, and not just that ‘The Magna Carta was a turning point for European history’ but WHY it was and how that paperwork put Charlemagne in a bind with the lesser nobels getting the upper hand.

And how it still resonates in current events.

Sorry, just an example.

I write because to ‘not write’ would likely drive me into an asylum. (And why I used to hit delete so daggum much. It was just venting; only, it wasn’t, was it? It was letting the little voices have a forum without creating trouble. And sometimes those voices have real stories to tell. (I’m reminded of Pratchetts’ *mayherestinpeace* parable of the Inspiration particle and how it sometimes hits entirely the wrong object/entity. )(oh to be the wordsmith of Terry Pratchett’s caliber,,,)

So I write, for me, to entertain, to teach, and now I want it to start ‘working for ME’, not me be the slave of whimsy and Muses.

So if you like what you read here, Go hit that like button, buy one of MY books, leave a comment, even if its a danged emo button, but please leave something behind besides a hit marker on my dashboard.

2 responses

  1. Like

    I like what I read here. Plenty of places I look at once or twice but don’t bother to return, but I have been periodically returning here for years.

    Don’t discount the hit markers on your dashboard, they are like footprints in the sand that tell you the beach has been visited since the last tide.


    July 21, 2021 at 7:46 am

  2. Shell

    Continue what you are doing. Each and every word you write has meaning to someone including yourself. I used to keep daily journals. As I read your books and blogs I realize I need to continue doing my journals again. Something in them gives us meaning and shows our progress through time. They give us insight as how to better ourselves or shows us the stagnation we find ourselves in and reason to better each move we make. Your words are educational, funny, life bending, you name it. Never give up. You have a gift and it is an offering to all who read it.

    Liked by 1 person

    July 22, 2021 at 7:08 am

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