Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Wet day, definitely

But not by intent. Rain out!!!

Wouldn’t be a show stopper, except mama nature tossed in some fireworks to go along with the wet.

Prolly not a bad thing my group said ‘Nope!’ The take out is at the bottom of a hill, 1/4 mile to parking area and its a real bitch when its not making like a creek. The other option is a float out, 7 miles of still flat water (fun for long boats, pure hell for a creeker).

Oh well. Stuff to do around and about house. Fuzzies need attention (and Grizz is perched on my shoulder buzzing away right now) and there is always tomorrowsss. Possible road trip to the Tucksagee river with a different crew. N’er been, despite three previous chances, all nixed by bad timing or wounded paddler (Me!!)

As for all the rest of the stuff in the world, just watching. Don’t have much say in whether the pResident is a Bolshevik wannabe or that ‘The Science’ has longterm medical tyranny in mind for the world, all I can do is stay aware of it and plan accordingly. If that ‘accordingly’ is me expiring on a mound of spent brass, so be it; at least I will have an honor gaurd leading the way.

And thats what these shitlibs don’t understand. Leave us the hell alone and EVERYONE gets along just fine. But ya start cramming this crap down our throats demanding compliance for what is obviously a mental defect (on their part) and we start getting a little pissed off. Start enforcing it and we start striking back. Crank it up more and watch the fallout then.

Seriously, how is this hard to understand. It was just over a year ago and things were, while getting strange, at least they were tolerable. Now? Srange isn’t even CLOSE to what we are seeing: downright ‘fucked in the head’ would be a better description.

But I can’t fix it. I don’t think anyone can at this point. Its likely this is at the terminal stages and needs to run its course to its end. (Likely? How’bout, definitely!?!) So be it.

So until the fires are burning, the brass falling and the bullets are flying, I’ma gonna live my life,,, viva mi vida, viva tu vida,🍻

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