Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Biznus as usual

Long drive yesterday, traffic light, but heavier than expected, several stops ‘just’cuz’ and feeling out the spirit of the day.

It sure as shit was not a day celebrating independence. Nowhere did I feel there was a “glad to be an American” feel; more like people just running through a routine with no feeling for it. Half inspired actors on the stage parroting lines with no conviction. The kids I saw were happy with the fireworks (duh!) with no sense of why we shoot fireworks. (To be fair, its hard to understand the symbol when you’ve never been taught the meaning of it. And so few these days have been taught, or worse, taught by despoilers.)

Seen repostings of the Declaration of Independence (and it still applies, maybe more so now.) But I also saw some new ones being posted.

Maybe my story about an American divorce will still play out, just differently and later than I foresaw. And i highly doubt there will be a Trump involved in it. Its not Trump or lack of that person that bothers me. What bothers me is that we show every aspect of desperate need of a figurehead for us to follow. That’s codependency and dangerous to longevity. We are our own leaders and we need no other. Wide scale Independent lone wolves would do more to bring the Farce to its knees. The Henry Bowman factor so to speak. A figurehead with real spine would make the upcoming events quicker and less chaotic, but they are not essential to getting things going, and there is a very real chance of said figure head being worse than the disease we currently have (just ask the Italians, Germans, Cambodians, and those that lived in Soviet Russia or fled Castros Cuba on makeshift rafts.

Yesterday seemed more like “we are shooting off fireworks and grilling out because thats what we always do”. Business as usual,,,

So many feel the problem but are so disconnected, they can’t understand why. They see the division and intentional dividing of the country and don’t realize that these things are precursors to horrors yet to be unleashed. “It can’t happen here”, only, it has, and will again. De-humanizing your enemy is always step one to genocide: just ask the native Americans or the Jews of Warsaw. Or ask the Americans from Japan that lived here during WWII about concentration camps. Or those that were forced onto strange land and have it called a reservation. Ain’t nuthin’ new under this sun.

Biznus as usual,,,

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  1. Zekerinontario

    In a Canukastan we are seeing it worse. We have peoples as my young daughter calls them out tearing down statues burning churches and hating the peoples of Canukastan not the institution or as it is called Crown ie goberment of Canada for what the Crown ie goveberment and general lackey POS SSRCMP Commissioners Anyone who understands history will understand commies and NAZIES are the different side of the same coin ie socialism. The Crown has the peoples hating the other Canukastan peoples and the church for something the Crown sanctioned and fully endorsed. The people’s that want to riot and free stuff should be attacking the sacred halls of the Crown including Federal and Provincial as neither holds legitimacy in Canukastan either. They stoped almost all fireworks and parades in Canukastan for its birthday. They had marches of hatred called all children matter. Nice words until you realize that it is only for POCS and Natives the rest of us need to pay up and leave from what I was told when the POCS and Natives where marching. These tools and not useful ones didn’t realize I’m a native as well. Since there is no actual true natives not that I would March with these hate filled tools. I look too white This country is in trouble we are still partially locked down from the wuhan and the Crown is hiding in the basment away from us deplorables making laws banning our guns and free speech. You would think we are in voting the us of a seems both illegitimate goberments are afraid of its peoples.

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    July 5, 2021 at 1:19 pm

    • Two really large chinks of land with similar issues, and I do not believe its ‘just’ these two. Have heard stuff via the old rat-lines that even Europe is showing fractures of social standing. All of the statue killing, plunder marches, etc are tools to instill fear in the law abiding to keep us in check.
      What they fail to understand is that we are seeing rule of law being tossed overboard, and when we see that we, as a mass of people, are expected to abide while others have free run, the switch WILL get thrown.
      I know my skills, and I know my preference for “closure with no loose ends”, and that holds me in check. For now.
      As with you, I am as Native as can be. I have blood from many nations and at least two POC breeds in me. I am the traditional American Mutt and proud of it, but like you I am ‘too white’ for the narrative. And ask me about that ‘ white privilege ‘ crap they keep tossing around like it were something real and not some guilt ridden diatribe written by a rich white woman back during the great depression. (And to add insult, most of the shit-heels tossing it about are 2nd or 3rd gen welfare. They get a free ride on the back of my work ethic and stolen income. Yeah, white privilege my skinny white ass,,,)


      July 5, 2021 at 3:21 pm

  2. Zekerinontario

    I agree with you full on mutt here as well. I have been hearing similar issues in parts of Europe as well from some friends most people do not agree with the agenda. It is only the I am owed something or I hate myself virtu signalling lot that are causing the issues. My soon to be ex employer made us take that white privilege training I went ballistic nobody handed me a damn thing I took out loans paid them back for school started at the bottom and worked my way up. No handouts begging or complaining. I started at the bottom making 6 an hour to get the skills and time in then they pulled the white privilege stuff. My privilege to pay for lazy people

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    July 6, 2021 at 8:27 am

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