Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Correct me if I’m wrong

In my last post I mentioned “negotiating for my own slavery”: I thought more about that and realized that it may be an obscure statement to some. This post is to elaborate on that and the ‘why’ I sold myself short at my current location. Granted, I also shot myself in the foot by misreading a personality but thats another story altogether.

Yes, I do my current work for $12/hr. There are many hats that I wear doing it, and they have been growing over the last few years. Where I screwed up was in thinking there was a mutual understanding that My Time was MINE, but recent events show an assumption on the check writers side that there has been some miscommunication. Not solely his fault; this goes both ways. Assume: make an ass out of You and Me.

Now if I were to start negotiating for better, or said another way, more realistic, wages for my services, the other party would demand even more, time, skills. Management service, etc.

No thanks. What I do is fun to me and if I have to start sacrificing more, that ‘fun’ goes flying over the horizon and I start getting even more curmudgeonly and bitter.

Now, IF, bossman were actually an efficient manager of his own business, I might have second thoughts, but one of the hats I wear most frequently is ‘pull bossmans ass out of his most recent fuckup fire’. Son knows it and tries to keep things straight, but there have been far to many times where both Son and I are standing there, looking at things with our heads cocked to one side going “whudafuq???”

If I were to attempt negotiating for better, the demands would increase, the freedoms I currently enjoy would cease, and My life would be by his choices,,,

That’s slavery in my opinion.

Am I wrong? Personally, I don’t care if its right or wrong, I ask only to see if my stance is radical or commonplace. I don’t push for unearned compensation like many Bossman hires(more’n a few want the check but not the work. And current Stimmy infusions have made it worse than years prior.) I also don’t want to work for someone that only sees me as a tool to accomplish the job. I’m a human being, not a frickin machine (though some of our current employees would argue otherwise).

Anywhoos, I’ll have more later. But I do want to share something that was sent to me this AM.

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