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Kitteh files: easing into month 2

Today was a milestone. Mamakat was in full tizzy mode for about 10 minutes, but settled into full overwatch, and is relaxed now.

What happened was Grizz2 found that he can climb DOWN stairs, and at the bottom of said stairs is a whole new world with bugs and stuff and O!M!G! GRASSSSSS!!! I have this big bush of elephant grass at the end of the porch and the boys have been going absolutely NUTZ playing chase, hide and seek, and the best ever game POUNCE. That poor bush is gonna be beaten flat within a week. Same as when Mamakats original brood found it. Granted, her original brood was 5, and this adoption was just the two,,, but kittens are a force of nature just like the weather. Come sunset, Mama is gonna be as beat as I feel right now ,,,

But she is definitely MAMA, and when she yowls, those boys haul ass back to the house like the hounds of hell had been let loose. And she has a deep chest growl that carries very well, and gets the same response. My dad is amazed at how well she has taken to them, especially seeing how she was the first 2 weeks they were here.

The only unhappy kamper is Voodoo. Because Zooms is still a scaredy kat when Voo is home, Mama gives Voo what-for if he travels past his bowl. He has been spending a LOT of time at my cousins house the last 2 weeks. It always amazes me how a 6# kat can totally dominate a 120# dog. And Voo knows she is just protecting babbies, so doesn’t bark back at her like he did when she was an adolescent kat pushing buttons.

Not Voo,,,,

They’ll adapt. They smell him all over the house, in his dog house on the porch, and he does hangout eating his dinner while they play on the other side of the porch. Its just a matter of time.

But it was a long hot day on a job site with zero shade, and about 5 million feet of property line needing fencing. (Exaggerated, but it is a lot,,,) setting poles and making concrete and later this week I get make the 5 cantilever gates we will install. All 30′ openings so the gates will be 45′ in length and getting them on site is gonna be ‘fun’. Sure would be nice if the crews would actually come to work on a regular basis so this grumpy old welder could do HIS job, and not be pulled in to help take up the slack.

One response

  1. Ohio Guy

    Mamakat gots the purdy green eyes. Voo is a wild lookin beauty.


    June 14, 2021 at 10:35 pm

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