Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

It’s not that I don’t care

It’s more like ‘maybe I care too much’ but within different aspects and reasons.

Take the poverty issues. I do care that there are people in this world that live on literal DIMES a day. I can’t say I see it regular like, but I know there are countries where starvation is always on the front stoop just waiting for the door to open. And I also know that there isn’t a danged thing I can personally do to correct it. Oh, I could volunteer as a missionary and try to educate people in those areas, at great sacrifice to my own world, and a HUGE learning curve for local language and gaining the respects of those in the area as needed. Any thing less, or demanding the locals learn my language would defeat the purpose of being there.

That was just an illustration, as I think the starvation issues are blown out of proportion and exasperated by outside interference in local politics. I’ve said it many times, when people get ‘hungry’ enough, they’ll fix the problem or die. Thats just how life is. I do know that in Ethiopia back in the 90s, literal boatloads of food were being shipped in, but what made it to the needy was controlled by local warlords, NOT the supplier’s. Least to say, some people were well fed and many left to die ‘for politics ‘. The situation now? Not a clue, and probably don’t want to know.

But that point of ‘control’, ie-FOOD, is something you always want to keep in mind, especially in times like now when things are just getting flat weird and weirder by the week. Hungry people are desperate people and desperate people will do stoopid things to stay alive.

But I do Care. MALTHUS was not a prophet, he was a classical and cynical thinker that didn’t have enough information. Not his fault, history is faulty with misinformation since in most cases, its the conqueror that writes the books, and ALWAYS twists it in their favor. And no one can prognosticate what technological advance is next in line to improve the situation. (I highly encourage you to read Matt Ridleys’ The Rational Optimist.)

About the only thing you can bet on (and millions have made bank and bankruptcy trying to predict it) is that when things get strange, or scarce, someone, somewhere, will find a patch or hack or solution to carry us forward. And it is very very very rare that the solution is Government. (And many in my circles will scream ” Government is NEVER the solution” and I find it hard to argue otherwise.)

Someone recently gave an analogy of putting red and black ants in a jar. Done slowly without drama, nothing at all happens. The ants co-exist. But give that jar a vigorous shake and watch the carnage ensue. The question becomes at that point, ‘who ‘ is shaking the jar? 99 out of a 100, its Government. Power kept by keeping the peasants at each others throats. And when the call to arms is needed, patriotism can be stirred up by pointing out that ‘someone is shaking the jar’ and laying blame on that ‘someone’, justified or manipulated by ‘evidence’, and the ants rally to protect the jar.

I care. I care that people have been, and are being lied to, and not just a little, but about nearly EVERYTHING on a day to day basis.

I care. I care that the edu-carion system has been co-opted, not to educate, but to indoctrinate, and that critical thinking skills are a rare bird amongst most people, even college indoctrinated educated types.

I care that manipulation, as personally witnessed by myself as a student☆, to direct the ‘really smart ones’ away from areas where they ‘might be effective ‘ into dull cubicles of confinement and control has become even more obvious and rampant. That many children are labeled ADD or ADHD and then doped into submission by those supposedly looking out for their interests. I’m glad as hell that I was raised before the ‘chemical solution’ started being prevalent.

Does anyone remember when Human Resources was called Personnel department? I do. I also recall that since the adoption of HR, attitudes about employees has become more mechanical and, dare I say it, Plantation like.

I care! I DON’T care what your skin tone is, if you are human, act human, THINK human,,,, I DON’T care what your sexual leanings are, just don’t air them for public sympathy and expect me to just be ok with it, I might or might not depending on where you stand with the human, act and think aspects as well. (with one very strict exception here. If’n ya like diddlin little kids, you do not want me finding out, because you will not be likely to ever see a jail cell or a court-room.) I DON’T care if you worship God, or Gia, or whatever other diety. Don’t start sacrificing dogs and cats or little kids and DO NOT preach to me about it and we will get along just fine.

I do care. I care that there is a drug, being pressed on everyone through peer presure (does anyone else see the irony of raising several generations to resist peer pressure and drugs, then use PP to push a drug?) One where the manufacturer of it has been granted total legal immunity for secondary effects and malpractice, yet its for a diaease that 90% of the population had to be tested for to even KNOW IF THEY HAD IT!!! I care that 97%of the population does not seem to care, that when all the numbers come in; Influenza took a vacation last year! And yet Influenza has killed more people annually, every year since 1918, than the wuflu killed in one. (Lack of critical thinking fed by fear and a compliant media, and the fact that when people have ‘bought the lie’ long enough, cognizant denial helps maintain sanity. If people had to admit they fell for it, all at once, the suicide rates would be astronomical. )

I do care. Even as ornery, angst ridden, cynical and a general asshole I am, I do care. My angst is because of that caring and being told that I am rasssisss, homophobisssss, deny-isssss (thanks Sarah for pointing out the liberal hisssss)

And that things continue down the swirl pattern of the toiletbowl induced flush we are all in, that caring is going to, eventually, get turned into fuel.

Fuel burns.

And that I care still keeps me from lighting that fire. That it hasn’t been lit somewhere tells me that I am not alone in my caring. And believe me, I know some people that can light one hell of a big fire when the caring all turns into fuel.

Slight shif of thought here , but still, because I care, I air it here. There IS a solution to all of the shit we have going on. The patriot community has been saying it for going on 12 years now: “local, local, local”. The “problem” is all at federal levels (well, mostly so. Compliant welfare minded states are also a problem) even our media, the mainstream one, is ‘all federal’ when you boil down the message. I keep saying ‘withdraw consent’ and if the States would do this, enough of them that is, the Federal problem would fail overnight. Pulling that consent could be as easy as filing a lawsuit against the Fed and withholding all federal revenues until settling of said suit. That said federal government is NOT opertaing within Constitutional Constraints is beyond question and reason enough for said suit. As long as the states continue to act as if the Government is legit, it will keep on dildoing the governed. That so much industry has been shit on and shut down by current The Fraud should be enough to incite some Governor to take action. Why the Alaskan Governor hasn’t done something about shutteriing ANWAR,,,,

FACT: If we don’t fight, we won’t have anything to fight FOR, other than our lives, and that is a level of desperation I don’t CARE to see.

☆ I was told by my counselor that I had zero mechanical ability, and was not able to conceptualize three dimensions and that my math skills were ‘elementary ‘. Funny that I have spent a few years as a certified ASE (7 of 8 certs) mechanic, have ran audio systems measuring 100Kw or more with several ‘faces’ and delay towers (three dimensional sound and math needed to set the delays anyone) Said counselor stated that I was only cut out to be a middle manager at best, and to just live with it. Which is also kind of funny as I have ran crews on multiple occasions and was 5 minutes away from an upper management position before I ‘burned that bridge'(but thats another story altogether) In said counselors ‘defense’, I have never been wildly successful and become a wealthy person, but that isn’t due to lack of skills or talents; its due to my butterfly nature/geas to keep growing, learning, experiencing,,,

3 responses

  1. joe tentpeg

    “Local, local, local’…the way forward.
    Indeed. Limited fed assets a show stopper.
    Sat photo of the US at night for review. See all the pretty lighted areas east of the Mississip, a few west of Big Mo, paltry west of the Pecos. Ponder.
    Ya must be kin of ‘Diogenes of the Rifle’, no?
    joe tentpeg


    June 11, 2021 at 7:48 pm

    • Kin? How about ‘I am’. Just a little further evolved from the Oblammy-o-boy days.


      June 11, 2021 at 7:54 pm

  2. joe tentpeg


    Thought that was you.

    We shared a few emails during the PATCON days.

    Glad you’re back up on the net.

    God Bless.


    June 12, 2021 at 1:26 pm

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