Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Return to boomie blahs.

No movement today, as commenter ‘theboringoldman’ says, make sure to not burn bridges and ‘Ohio Guy’ says, plan B, plan C etc etc.

I’ve been working on the ‘get outta the race’ for awhile now. Book writing, consulting, some small teaching stints (mostly kayaky kinda stuff,,,) and I have ‘other plans’, always, because shit never goes as planned, and alternatives are an insurance.

Being a skilled welder, former Mechanic, carpenter, jack of many trades, lack of work is not my problem. Time. Time has always been the issue. I have a saying that the Holy Trinity is Time, Space, and Money, and that I always have two, but usually lack the third. Time and money, no space. Time and space but broke as hell. Money and space, No time (when I was a touring soundman, this was my issue) Kinda like the holy trinity of race cars and motorcycles: fast, cheap, reliable; choose two, you dont get all three.

Yeah, work isnt the issue. Its time and the more I learn and the older I get, the more valuable my time becomes. Hell, we are born dying, and our time is finite, why sell it to the lowest bidder hoping to get ahead.

The headaches I deal with in my ‘day job’ are fast becoming something I would rather pass to someone younger and allow myself to focus on the things that make me happier, and at the same time, pay better for the time I do invest. That is where I am at so that I am not burning a bridge. I could just up and leave (as I so desired to do this AM) but the bad blood and disgruntled clients would jeopardize my reputation I have spent the last 6 years building.

But the day I don’t go into that shop is coming. If need be, uproot and begin anew. Won’t be the first time, but damned if its the way I want to go. I ain’t getting younger and that kind if change is stressful as hell. (Side note: this is plan C and IS being plotted out, but its not the ideal way I want, though the area were ‘begin anew’ is, IS ideal for me. Don’t wanna let to much of that bag show though.)

And the rock continues to spin on its axis, around a hot ball of gas on the outer edge of a Galactic arm. It was doing so before this gelatinous mass took thought and it will do so long after I have been recycled back into the star dust I was created from.

Life goes on, and even the top of the nastiest storm cell is silver. Ya just gotta get above the mess to see it.

Throttle up, slow pull on the stick and lets see whats up top,,,,

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