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Prior wknd qajaq fun

Took long enough to get uploaded ,,,,

I did this several times but this one was nearer the shore so you get some reference to actual speeds. Clocked around 7.5 at one point, this one was 6.3. Ghost is FAST!

Speed is a good thing, but cruise is where its at. I can fast in spurts or cruise all day long and the cruise in her is still faster than all of my others.

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  1. Call T. Don

    Wow. Not at all knowledgeable about boats in general but had no idea one of those could scoot like that. I’d guess that is considerable work to keep that rate up. What speed are you talking for an “easy cruise” that is comfortable to do for a long period of time?….and what about if someone were riding on the hull say, maybe with a pole at..oh let’s say at trolling speed….bout how many snacks an hour in fuel use???


    May 11, 2021 at 10:46 am

    • Yeah, theres some shoulder work involved in that speed, as well as a lot of stomach and legs believe it or not. Total core workout.
      Easy cruise is 4mph-ish likely closer to 4.5 with this boat. Snacks would be no more than what you would want for a good walk about but fluid replacement becomes an essential because you do burn it off and dont notice.
      Fishing from one of these v-hulls is tricky and a good sized fish can take ya on a wild ride, so I have no real clue how to answer that part of your question.
      I had a boat with a red hull that was capsized by a shovelhead cat on the Cumberland, and I wasnt fishing: the cat was feeling territorial and kept ramming me and at one point hit me hard enough at just the right time and I went swimming.


      May 11, 2021 at 11:13 am

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