Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Ish monday

Long day again.  Bo time for surfing,  but I did catch up on a couple of my daily reads.  Love Sarahs recent post.  makes me want to collectively bitchslap you so hard you taste next Wednesday.  thats the winner quote for the day on my end of things. 

Pusillanimous shit has faded into historical reference at work, and we were able to accomplish quite a bit more on a job site without coddling soyboys.  I was able to weld several gates, including one 35’x6′ roller and the returning crew stretched the wire on it before jetting.  I woulda helped ‘cept I had to mount up the welding truck to fix an issue for one of our clients: busted bracket on one of his mules so the mast was flopping around like a loose tooth.  There aren’t ‘problems’, only solutions that haven’t been seen yet. Has welder, will travel.

And the likelihood of my having a travel day tomorrow with said rig is high. May be another late evening return to Grumpykat demanding appeasement and tasty nums.

Something in the air/æther/interwebz is giving me goid vibes. I see the flailing about of a fraudulent Government (not just administrative, the whole damned shebang is fraud, just to clarify. They were ALL complicit in the sham and signed off on it and should be held accountable when we get to that point, but for the future posts, I will refer to all FedGov as ‘Fraud’) all the EOs, attempts to ignore the rules, attempts to piss off Russia but guve China free-pass for similar shit, trying to kick off any war they can just to wag the dog, and all the trash trying to make criminals out of over half the population on the simple expediant of political views,,,

The Junta is off its meds, no one is in charge and the puppet exists only to wield the pen,

Its gonna suck for awhile, but damned if our odds don’t look better and better as time waddles forward. My only fear is that some equally fucked up character grabs some power and twists things past where we are into one of Heinleins scenarios (Nehemiah Scudder-esque. Eek!!!!)

Y’all have a good evening, enjoy whatever adult beverage satisfies you, hug the SO in your life and the kiddos, life continues despite some asshats trying like hell to squash it.

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