Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Seeing a lot of “can’t fix it, let it fall” the last couple. Hell, I’m feeling it (BEEN feeling it). And there is a lot of validity to the “can’t fix it” part. We are all just wee fish in a damned big pond, usually quite scattered as well.

They want the guns, because they wanna do shit they know we would shoot them for. They won’t get enough if they get any, I can say that with confidence; at lesst where I live, I can. Dunno about more metro areas. Places like Chicongo, heh, good luck there since tbey already are armed to the teeth under some of the heaviest regulation,,, Pass all the gun laws ya want, you just turn peeps like me into outlaws, cuz my tools ain’t goin’ nowheres.

They want the populace dependent on MamaGov, and that is motivating the rounds of Stimmies. Heard that round four is already in the works. Has ya noticed that things are getting harder to get, more expensive when you can, and that there is a growing anxiousness across the board? Its not an illusion, people are starting to feel pressure because our currency is getting debased faster than all the QE’s did, and most of the bills are loaded with pork for the Cronies and enemy states.

How do you ‘fix’ that, when you have only enough control of your day to day, and sometimes, barely that?

I keep saying it all starts at the source, control you, fix you, set the example for others to follow. Ain’t a one of us perfect, but we ARE better then the examples diplayed by the Cesspit of DC.

((And if you are like me, the thought of running for local office has the same draw as getting a raging case of the clap. Note; local politics here is nototrious for corruption, almost on par with Federal levels. The stereotype has a basis, and to get in, you have to ‘join the club’. No thanks me says.))

It all has to come home eventually and that is where my apathy lies. The saying ‘if it can’t continue. It won’t ‘ applies with a vengeance to how they are playing the Stimmy game. And when that Ponzi scheme collapses,,,

I feel like I’m in a capsized kayak with a foot hung up in the ribs. I’m floating with my head just above water, but can’t swim, can’t get back in to roll up and can’t get away from it. And the closest shore is 3000 yards ‘thataway’. I’m not panicked, YET, but the adrenaline is starting to rise and desperation is rounding the corner like a runaway freight train.

Maybe its time to lose the shoe and get out of that contraption. Its a choice, and sometimes choices don’t feel like such because the circumstances are so profound: but it’s always a choice. Choose to do nothing or choose to take a loss,,,, both will hurt, just one hurts a lot for short term, the other aches forever.

And we all are holding on because we don’t want to be the one that rips that bandaid off .

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