Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Predawn, redskies,

Seeing lots of noise in the system this week. Noise screaming that the FPTwB are about to drop cash to go full cashless society. Just one example

What I do know about things is that it will fail. It doesnt matter how they go about it, set it up, use social media tools to sell it, or that there is word they intend on using a social credit system as well: it will fail.

Recall the huge power issues Texas recently had? What about the Booms in Nashville early in the year; the booms that crippled comms in a third of the country for weeks. There are still comm issues in AT&Ts network here in SEKY from that one incident. How many outages before they realize that people will starve or freeze or,,,, Not that they give a rats ass, most of the outages will happen in places they call flyover country where the voting population is decidedly red. But those outages create issues system wide even if they aren’t failures at that level. Logistics get screwed up and that has ripple effects both up and down stream.

Have ya noticed how much lumber is running right now? Or that it is sporadic in availability? Client of ours was stalemated in production by not being able to find decking boards. Searched everywhere; 5 counties and the three states within 3 hour drive. Nothing. Finally got his shipment, 2 weeks late, and his boys went into over drive to clear the lot of half finished units.

Other problems will arise. International ones. I have no idea how the House of Saud will respond when Gropey Jo or Kamalaladingdong tell them they have to accept a digital dollar for the light sweet crude. I wouldnt be surprised if they immediately turned around and started talking to Putin. Not one bit. Turn Russia into the petroleum powerhouse and watch the US cumble like the decrepit old maid she has become.

Maybe that is the intent. Total teardown so they “build back better” but we all know the end story of that. They have no clue HOW. Their proposals always disregard human nature. They think they can perfect people and that is the basis of their Utopia. Its the foundation of their delusion.

That human nature is why a cashless society won’t work. People may be willing to operate within a digital system; I do for the most part. But there is a failsafe riding shotgun to it; CASH. Even if the system goes down for a day or a week, I have cash to keep moving. Most places here’bouts haven’t dropped cash either (one tried and the AT&T thing scared ’em purple). So even if the system fails, the wheels keep rolling. Go full on digital; one glitch and the whole thing seizes up. Even though I operate 98% cashless, I always have some on me for those odd moments.

I won’t give a dollar figure, but figure one weeks salary bare minimum as a start. You will need that much wiggle room if shit gets silly. If shit goes full sideways, at least a months salary and it had better have a back up of solid shiney stuff as a backup to that. Even junk silver is better than toilet paper.

But here’s the rub. That stuff is climbing through the ceiling right now because investors are in full cognizance of a looming meltdown. Better insurance right now is getting to know everyone with skills and that know how to grow and process. (You can raise a pig, but do you know how to process it so it’s food?) Believe me, when shit goes sideways for an extended period (say 2 weeks) those with food will be kings.

Kings are high profile targets as well.

And I am certain someone is going to ask. “Why would they do this?” I’ll answer with a picture.

Do you really think they intend on paying this back?

There are two ways out of debt. Payment or default. And when you default, real property exchanges hands.

Who “owns” our debt?

No conspiracies here; look and find out.

Y’all have a wonderful Sunday, I’m going kayaking

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