Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Let downs and uplifts

I get frustrated with people. Dogs, Cats, not as much because they have roles, know the role and fill them. Peoplees,,, people have roles to fill too, but don’t always come through. I hold myself to certain standards with an iron fist. If I say I will be somewhere at a certain time and then am not there, its because something blew up, disassembled catastrophically, or my legs fell off at the hip in a moment of altered reality. I can say that the last has never happened.

I push myself hard, and over the years have found that if its “gotta get done”, I am likely the one that is “gonna havta do it”.

I hate that because its whittled away at my trust in humanity as a whole, and I get to the point where I trust no one, not even the pros to get the job done right. And my recent foray with fraudulant billing,,,, yeah, charge one person for the entire shift salary rate, hope that person pays because the other 6 are all welfare and you can’t bleed a turnip.

I won’t delve into why that blurb up above came to be, other than to say there are some I am disappointed in right now.

So, a disappointment lead to an inebriated friday evening, cat and dog hid from out when they saw the mason jar come out (they hate the loud music that usually follows) and I wallowed in “what if I’m the one thats crazy” followed by a sleep of the dead.

So my motivation this AM was sorta fuzzy, as was the ensuing hangover, and I read Sarahs friday post.

As well Big country’s.

They aren’t the same, but they circle the same vein, the same vein that started the drinking last night.

Some people have grounded ethics, and some don’t.

And it seems like those that don’t hold power of late. Enough power that they also control narrative.

But holding power does not change reality. Entropy will prevail without huge efforts to cofferdam against it.

And those with grounded ethics will be there to build it back. Better? Depends on if you are solid and dependable or willing to waffle (go along to get along)

I haven’t many friends. My standards there are almost as high my personal ones. Punctuality. Adaptability. Intelligence with Wisdom to know they don’t know everything.

But the biggest, willingness to TRY without needing conjoled or needled. I’m getting to damned old to hold someones hand to get them to do what they should, or worse; what they said they would and don’t. I don’t understand how someone can fail to keep a promise and not have it eat at them internally. I have a sequel I promised out in March and is behind schedule and its tearing me up. (Sticking points in plot, but it will get finished dammit!!!!)

But then, I see it weekly around here. I see it where I work, and just saw a sign expressing similar at the local greasy spoon. We have at least one worker every damned day just not show up. Some days its several and, well, when you don’t have enough workers, shit doesn’t move fast, if at all.

When I first started working, a no show was a termination, period, full stop, no appeals. These days,,,,

Entropy increases, strap in, its gonna be a rough ride.

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