Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

And history vindicates my position

Been shot at? I have. While in a race across the Kuwaiti desert sands and a couple of times here in the states; once recently.

The first time, well, it was a war and the base rule of war is “do unto the enemy before he does unto you”; so yeah, two way shooting gallery is kinda expected.

The other two times were situations where I was unarmed. Once was a case of wrong place wrong time (for me), the second was a road rage incident while CoVidiocy was at its peak hysteria.(and yes. A flown middle finger was the instigator, but by no means a reason to pull a gun, let alone use said gun.) Both times the shooter was obviously untrained on use (or I’d not be posting this)

This post and links reinforces what I have always said. ‘The gun is a tool, nothing more.’ Its the mind behind the gun that creates the problem. And that can be applied to so much more: ‘its the mind behind the position,, ,’, ‘its the mind behind the legislation,,,,’ etc etc. As shown in that article, gun handling prior to 1969 was taught in schools (mostly inner city as in rural areas, gun handling started earlier and at home.) And there were ZERO school shootings reported!!!! Oh, I’m sure there may have been a case or two of Negligent Discharge, but never a hostile effort to damage or kill in quantity.

And then there is the case in Israel, where teachers are armed. Not because they are afraid of students losing their shit, but they have the whole terrorism thing writ large to contend with. And history has always shown the way to stop a shooter is to ‘do unto your enemy before they do unto you(rs)’.

Its simply a tool to accomplish a job. Is it the best tool? Depends on circumstances obviously. But it IS an equalizer when things would be very biased otherwise. A 100# woman defending herself has a much better chance of succeeding when she is packing heat. Give the woman good training and her chances go even higher. Start that training when she is pre-puberty and the lessons will carry through her lifetime and she may never need it. (Knowledge builds confidence, confidence is able to be sensed, and is a deterrent to victimization. Just sayin’)

Or they want VICTIMS. But that is reason enough for shooting them IMO.

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