Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Two sides, revisited

Comments aren’t all that heated in that post, but then, the two commenters (self and Mamanightsong (for reading ease, shortened to MNS forthwith)) have known each other since the 90s. Grown apart by distance, time, and obligations, but we do know each other.

That growth was also, rather apparently, one of ideology. I recall many conversations “way back when” where we mostly agreed. Reading through her posts and her FB entries, I can not see those conversations happening now. Oh, there might be some points where we side in similar fashion: I still have a few Classic Liberal ideas. I just can not see any meeting between us that didn’t sever ‘old ties’. And to be honest, I can see those ties being gnawed on currently.

Damned good example is my former ‘left of center ‘ self that was shot to hell and back thanks to an eye-opening separation back in 2008. I was just turning 40 and had to start over again from ground zero. Thank the gods for full internet access, serious insomnia, and an Iron hard resolve to not get involved in another relationship until I had fixed ME. This was also during the Oblammy-oh-boy/Killary shenanigans that resolved on an airport Tarmac with a serious black out of it by most all major outlets. That is, until FOX (when they were still a credible source) blew the whistle. To date, what deals were made in that private plane are known only to the Obamas and Clintons: guesses can be made from Killeries rise to SecState and the several multi-million deals given the greenlight under her tenure. Benghazi being a hot topic, that has almost as much fog attached to it as the JFK assassination, is just as much tied to that little plane visit.

I harp on this page about asking questions. MNS mentioned ‘asking questions to get answers to her satisfaction’. Those that have been here awhile KNOW even after I am sated with the answers, I continue to probe. Facts, always the fact, and in human terms, facts are NOT fixed like physical laws (and even those are showing signs of some fluidity in the bigger picture). Something may come to light that causes me to step back and reassess my previous stance. I try to make the transition as seemless as possible, but there have been times where ‘my line in the sand’ was scrubbed with a firehose due to ‘new information’.

And thats just some of it.

Ask questions, ALWAYS. Question the questions. Ask “why is this being leaked now?” Or “what ISN’T being said?”

Play the devils advocate. Replace one word in a paragraph to see if the argument still holds water.

Watch, observe, question, adjust premises as needed, keep moving, learning, watching. And stop making excuses about “not enough time” because this is your life and it has a finite term. The things coming at us are going to effect your life, your childrens life, and their children. We are still experiencing the echos of WWII with all the trash in the MidEast (thank you DJT for doing what you did there , to bad the shitheels in state didn’t ‘get it’.)

And stop letting the Media brainwash you. Perfect example that I wish I hadn’t blown off 5 years ago. The ‘grab her pussy’ video. Total Fabrication. But the MSMs never got called on it becaue it was “perfect” for the narrative. I watched that Vid several times and kept getting a worse and worse vibe from it, but not because of its presentation, but because my audio engineer ears kept hearing a glitch. The whole phrase that rocked DC with pink pussy hats was DUBBED IN. I checked it with a pro audio analyzer and you can see the cut in, cut out, the compressed features of vocal emulation, and the total lack of background noise for that .634ms blurb. That is why DJT never officially recognized it: if he had he would have ‘admitted’ something fraudulent.

Sadly , that half second blurb carried over for a full four years with a Compliant media willing to gloss over ANY good the man did but were completely willing to push bullshit narratives about Russian Collusion (and even absolved of it they continued ro sing that song because their audience was still listening instead of demanding truth)

And ya all went and voted for Slo-Joe, a wasted decrepit old weasel that has sold his position to the highest bidder for as long as he has held office. (And the media has been keeping a lid on that as well. This is not conspiracy. Its what you find out when you take some time to ask questions, and NOT let up until things start making some sense other than the sweetness and light that a biased media sells.)

All i want, and I can say with a fair certainty, all the RIGHT wants, is to be left the fuck alone. Stop telling us how we are allowed to live, or not live, what we are mandated to wear, or how we are allowed to do things. We on the right have a good sense of right and wrong and usually don’t ‘need’ police or law enforcement to intervene. So why the hell are we now “targets” of the regime, as insurgents, insurrectionists, etc? Because we are the ones that will resist the bullshit that is coming. We are being “othered” for the “utopian” plans of a regime that is hiding behind 8’steel barricades topped with razor wire.

The evidence is in our faces, but we get gaslighted as the insane ones, and people like MNS (sorry, have to use. Broad brush here) wonder why we don’t get in line.

Might it be that we know the way that story plays out? History has precedents of it and we know them. I for one have no intention of “riding the boxcars ” and to think that such can’t happen here,,, Best think again, it already has and is starting again. The “person of interest ” in the above link is one of dozens being held, without bail, with no court dates scheduled, and in many cases, incommunicado. Does that give you a warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that these people are now being treated as enemy combatants for simply exercising first amendment rights? ( and please do not say ‘freedom os speech has limits’. You are not free from being offended, and the speech that is flowing freely from the left, especially about these pronouned genderbending shitte, offends me. I will voice opinion but you sure as hell dont hear me screaming for them to be silenced.)

I’m gonna close this out with a quote from someone else. Someone that lived through times similar to ones we are headed into.

Check 4 ‘One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich ‘ by him.

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