Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Sch-monday, ugh.

Weekends are just to daggum short. Was a productive weekend, but 48 hours passes by like a whippet high.

Was thinking about words and deeds. Some people live by their words, honor is achieved by keeping that word.

Things those on the left miss, frequently.

Seems I recall hearing many (coff*whoopie G*coff) say they would move to Canada if Trump were elected in 2016. But they were still around to do a happy dance in 2020. Maybe Canada told them to look to Meh-hee-Co, and stop trying to pollute the great white nort. Or maybe they are just whiney snively little brats throwing tantrums cuz they didnt get the Hill.

Oh they got the hill this round. Total coup sans grace in every underhanded way imaginable, but they got it. And some are starting feel it.

Sadly, the rest of us have to feel it too. Gas prices jumped $.60 in 3 weeks, and thats just the iceberg shifting position: it hasn’t started rolling over yet. First military action in ME in four years by bombing Syria. Expect blowback from that yet. So much for possibly seeing peace on the ME in our lifetime. Trump helped negotiate peace accords between UAE and Israel: and the House of Saud was next in line, but I would bet you can put a hold on all of that now. (And you’ll never hear about it in the Media cuz it was Orange man Bad, cant give that credit where it was due cuz it wouldn’t fit the lies.)

Saw this, had to share.

We know which of these two had balls.

Rain, lots of seasonal atmospheric pissings and today may be a retreat day. We go through this regular like; last year it was in early Feb. River rose 5 feet since last night at midnight and the rain isnt slacking any. We probably have 5 hours to pull equipment out of shop and relocate bossmans mancave out of his basement. Woop-woop! Just means I’ll have an extended weekend so maybe my opening grumbles will have been wishful thinking. Be careful what ya wish for, right?

Then again, it may get as close as the back door and start falling again. Thats happened a time or two as well.

Are we at a turning point? Are we on the cusp of a “conservative awakening”? I dunno. Seeing the trash from CPAC that looks like further lining of the RINO nest, not the purge of the old gaurd (see McTurtle pic above) as needs done. Trump showed whos side he is on, again, now that they aren’t shelling his house: tells me quite a bit about how much a shell game is being played here.

Fuck it. I’m gonna live it like I want, try my damndest to teach my grands to be dangerous children, and smile when I hear the Left crying how hungry they are and that they can’t get the electric cars to go further than across town, or that we why-peepl are so damned mean and can’t see how good it would be if we just ‘woke up’.

I have some Irish blood in me. Some Welsh, some Cherokee, some Blackfoot, maybe even a little Afrikaan from way back (likely from the Cherokee, who would adopt anyone if they gave a care,,,) You can take your “white supremist” label and wipe your ass then nose with it.

And I don’t want ‘free shit’. And for those that will harp on ‘my getting stimulus checks’: piss off!!! I never got a dime from that, and am VERY happy for the nought. Why? Because they have NO hooks in me. I owe them NOTHING (except shit-tons of contempt) Can you say the same?

Anywhoos, its time to schlep my butt to the mud puddle I call a workshop on normal days, and move all my toys out waters way. May have more later,,,

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