Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Sunday funday

Had to take a break from all the hoopla.

Took Serena out on Saturday for her one year birthday float. She is one year old this week.

Her christening float one year ago.

Then I took out both of the plastiYaks; Betty and Jefe. Water isn’t flowing well enough to realy get them playing, but I was able to stretch some techniques and push my comfort levels. Jefe is strange to me. Initial stability is great, secondary is great and its there you hit a wall. Trying to get that boat over on its side is a fight unless you throw your upper body at. Then she’ll slip right over. Hip flicks are different to: I can feel that hump between secondary and over . Almost like a cam action going on. All of the other boats are smooth so the difference is noticable. Some are so smooth (Duh!kee, Betty) that they will bring you up and BACK over the other side if you get too energetic.

Honestly, I need to spend an hour or two in a kayak everyday, or minimal every other day. When I sat in Serena, I was twitchy and nervous¤. After playing for an hour, I settled down and was able to start pushing it a bit. Edging, stern draws, slicing into and out of eddy lines. Even went through some rougher water. Did some fast water ferrying, even went up stream and only had to portage once.

Then taking the plastiyaks out, not one issue. No twitchyness, no anxiety, other than the ‘dont really want to get wet’, but I was able to get in Jefe and just head out. No hanging in the shallows ‘adjusting’. Played for an hour or so, then went and grabbed Betty off the truck and same thing (recall, she is just as tippy as Duh!kee is and Duhk has tried to kill me: LOL.) No issues! I was even playing with getting her to dive while headed upstream in the narrows. She didn’t dive, but she did get her decks washed off. I think the water needs to be faster to get a dive,

But, I feel MUCH better than I did. My shoulder isn’t achy, my lower back is feeling supple again, and my anger is blunted for the time being. (And I am shopping for a 7mm wet suit; that water is COLD. I may just breakdown and go full drysuit, but I’m still choking on their price tags.)

Oh, and if anyone took offense at my last post. NOT SORRY. I’m sick n tired of tippy-toeing around peoples feelings, this year has whittled my tolerances to the nubs. If you were offended, ya might want to reflect on why. Use a mirror, it might help.

¤Water temps are sitting mid 40s right now. Will chill a body quick. I DO dress for the water but still have no desire to be in it. The gear is my insurance “just in case”.


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