Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Mr Obvious much

I find the newest lockdowns hilarious, in all actuality. Here locally, Guv Andy has issued decrees making all restaurants ‘take out only’ and is telling Kentuckians they aren’t allowed to gather more than 8 people for Turkey Day.

I looked on several sites ‘keeping score’ of “cases” (note, what they call a ‘case’ is a test positive result, not a hospital admission or ICU patient, just a positive testing,,,) and while there is a slight uptick in “cases”, its also the start of cold and flu season and, HELLO!!!!, cold viruses are, what, I didnt quite hear you, CORONA VIRUSES. So yes, theres going to be said uptick.

But that doesn’t answer the question of ‘why now?’, does it? Nope. What I am seeing is retaliation for being upstart deplorables daring to question the status quo on the Selection cycle. How dare we question the integrity of such a forthright and honest political machine.

(Pardon me. I just blew coffee out my nose typing that)

I seriously get the impression of a school master or Drill instructor punishing the entire class/platoon until Pyle gets his shit together to the instructors satisfaction.

WTF happened to the American rebel spirit? Why are people putting up with what is OBVIOUS Tyranny in action?

Why the F@#k haven’t asshats been tarred and feathered yet?

Maybe we are waiting to see what happens when the vote thing is “settled”, maybe? Or what, I don’t know.

I said it on my last post, this shit is COMING! Its like a train wreck in slow motion but it is unstoppable. And the Left isn’t trying to hide anything anymore. AOC and her Ilk are calling for lists on “Trump Enablers”. And just WHAT does that mean? Short version: they had lists of Jews and sympathizers in Nazi Germany in 1938. Many of those lists were the only way the Allies were able to reconstruct how many died in the camps and were converted to ash on the ovens. The pits were easier to figure out, but still, no names or ID,,, ; back to the lists.

Is that what we have to look forward to?

Dio, you’re full of shit, it can’t happen here.

Yeah, and people said it couldnt happen anywhere, yet we have several examples in history, from all around the world, and some recent, to fall back on for warnings.

And using that history warning system, what I see coming,,,,

But I feel like I’m yelling fire in a theater and no ones listening,

Well, I can’t fix the world, and with as many as I see ‘going along to get along’ , I don’t want to try.

(Sign post: hard right turn ahead, no shoulder on road)

Great example of the stupidity: you see a person in a car, windows rolled up and AC cranked. Its a newer model so has HEPA cabin filters into the vehicle. Said person is all alone AND WEARING A DAMNED FACE DIAPER. It has NOTHING to do with protection, its fucking signalling SUBMISSION. And I see it EVERY FUCKIN DAY!!!

honestly, I get to a point where I just want to go full Jeremiah Johnson and leave y’all to the insane asylum of your own creation. I most definitely did not chose this mess and have been ranting against it for the last 9 months.

Yet here we are.

A pandemic that isn’t

An election cycle reeking of fraud and graft and not just from internal sources.

And a willfully compliant populace that refuses to question ANYTHING if it means a little discomfort or actually having to THINK. Just give us our Netflix and Facebook and we’ll be good.

And now I hear tell that a certain vaccine is made with fetal DNA.

A vaccine created in a lab in a few short months to fight a disease (also made in a lab) with a less than half a percent fatality rate.

I see more people concerned with what others are doing or not doing, yet in observation of them, they are in even worse shape then the ones they deride as being “selfish”. How many have seen someone blow up about this bug, yet look at them and they are no less than 50# overweight, have high blood pressure and get winded just walking down the aisle of a walmart. WHO’S SELFISH??? Why the fuck should I care about you when its obvious YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU. And I can already hear ALL the excuses pouring in about this that the other. Fact is, get out and do SOMETHING, and that weight will come off, and your body will start to heal itself. Less weight, the heart doesn’t have to work as hard, the better you breathe, the easier the walking gets, the more the weight comes off: a positive loop. If you find you spend as much time with your ass on a sofa as you do sleeping, then you are 2/3rds of the way to obesity. Toss in eating half the time your butt is parked and you’ve hit the cruise control on the highway to FAT.

How is that not selfish??? You are all about your own comfort, creating health issues that OTHERS will have to deal with, either in the form of Doctors trying to save your miserable carcass, or the mortician that needs a damned forklift to get you into a coffin that had to be special ordered. Or being so fat that the guy doing CPR knows its a waste of effort because he can’t compress your ribs enough to reach that overworked muscle mass shrouded in fat, that is called YOUR HEART. He knows its a waste but keeps trying and trying until EMTs arrive. Of those two people, which one was the selfish one?

Fuckit,,, You can’t fix stoopid. And this world keeps swirling that point more and more every damned day. I keep pulling my little world a little tighter about me as it does. Maybe soon, the reckoning will begin and I can stretch out a bit.

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