Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Philly Jan28th 2021

January in Philly, the city of Brotherly Love.
At least the fires are plentiful to keep a guy warm.
I haven’t seen a police officer in a week, and he seemed to be on extra duty providing security for some out of towners. Not one cruiser is running in the city, and I heard that just after Biden swore in, more than half of the force had a sudden case of Blue Flu and haven’t been back since.
Thats good for me, it makes my job easier.
I have a list from the court procedings back in December, Names, addresses, at least most of them. I had to get some of those through cloak and dagger means through the DMV and other places. That cost a pretty penny and I hope the young lady that helped me out is better at covering her tracks than she is at digging for dirt. She’s plenty good at the last, and I would like for her to be around later when and if I get this list taken care of.
Passing through an indoor mall to get warm, most of the shops are boarded up, and the destruction is obvious; I pass by a small bar with a TV going. Local affilitate of one of the MSM’s. Seems that some one in Atlanta has assasinated one of the Election Officials there. My face is a mask of anger, but my heart is near bursting in glee: I am not alone.
But I am alone, and thats the way these things need handled. No back trail to follow. No command structure to target. I have no family, at least not any that have associated with me in years, so nothing they could hold over my head if things get really crazy.
And I am a man with nothing left to lose. They stole my business in 2020 by shutting everything down over a cold virus that wasn’t. They raped my accounts for taxes owed, on a business that was in the red before the virus. And the Girlfriend didn’t want anything to do with a guy that was asking for help paying the electric bill.
Then they stole my country.
Trump fought like hell. Everything he found was dead on legit, but the court system was bought and paid for before even one vote was cast this year. THEY KNEW they couldn’t lose.
But they lost bigger than anything by being so certain that guys like me would just roll over. Seventy one MILLION people voted for Trump according to original figures before the Glitches “corrected” things. If only three percent are of like mind to me, that is two million very pissed off people willing to burn a bridge or two. Thats a lot of little fires to find and put out before the inferno starts.
I have my list. I know others have a list too. Lone wolves hunting prey. And the prey isn’t even aware of it. Yet.
One down in Atlanta. I want two tonight before I find somewhere to hole up and plan my next moves. I would say by the end of the week, most all the election officials arrested and released are going to be attending their own funerals or hysterically seeking some sort of protection, body guards or taking a permanent vacation to Europe.
And thats just one angle. The Media talking heads are on lists too. I don’t know who put the post up, but the idea was so enticing to someone wanting a little blood after the “piss down my back and tell me it’s raining” election scam we just witnessed. “make a list of targets, Election officials, Media heads, politicians, anyone that was obviously deep in the shit. Then hunt them down and kill them, alone so there is no way it can come back on you. THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!” The post lasted 15 minutes on Facebook before the original was deleted, but it had been copied and pasted a few hundred times before they deleted it. Then kept popping up like the clap amongst various groups. They tried like hell to cap it, but it kept flaring up, again and again.
As for the Media, totally legit targets. Mike V, may he rest in peace, called it “Clintons Rules of Engagement” after Slick Willy authorized broadcast facilities as targets of oppurtunity in Bosnia back in the nineties. That arrogance those asshats displayed isn’t going to seem so indestructable after some of the larger ones get whacked. When I saw how they flagrantly declared the election before any TRUE constitutional aspects had been achieved, I knew this country had been sold out.

Y’know, for such a shitty start to the year, this one may be the best yet. After the first one, the rest are free. Henry Bowman was right.


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