Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Fall? winter? Urk!!!

Its 33°f outside right now.  Fire in its place and the house is comfortably warm as a snoring dog and buzzy cat will attest.

And the beginnings of cabin fever are already kicking in.

Must be a symptom of an already f@ck€d up year.  Its not even December  and I’m itchin’ to do “sumpthin!”

Projects aside, and I could be working on any one of them, my body is wanting things more physical and demanding.  I have a book to complete(yes Bruce, Its in process), i have another kayak to build (still need to get the log to the mill, but there are other aspects I could have fun with),,,

But.  But.  But.

Yeah, I HATE cold weather, shortened days, and having an accelerated metabolism.  I mean, I’m 52, 6’2″ and still under 200#.  My body despises ‘sitting still’ (and why I dont hunt or fish very often, unless I can stalk my quarrie.).

But Dio, you’re sittin’ still when you’re kayaking!

No, actually I am not.  I may be in a seated position, but kayaking uses muscle groups from your head all the way down to your feet.  Do a short run in WW and you’ll feel it tomorrow in places you’ve forgotten about.   The first time I paddled 15 miles, I was sore for a  week and not just in my shoulders and arms, but in my abs, hips and thighs: almost like I had been running.

Since I started kayaking, my waist line has been steadily shrinking and the love handles are melting off.  My endurance is better and my back doesn’t ache like it used to.

And I still haven’t rolled successfully 🤬. Working on that, maybe I need water time with some chill to encourage getting upright, ,🥶 . I posted a short vid of my dryland practice and that is getting perfect, but its not IN water so,,, but my muscle memory is building, and I find myself getting upright with little to no effort now. I even noted in a hipflick practice that I came upright without realizing it when someone had asked me a question. (Small distraction syndrome/zen moment.) My biggest issue is just what I told another kayaker when we were out for the moonlight float: “my issue is in my head.” I need to follow Bruce’s advice and just go inverted and chat with the fish a few times, some wet exits, and just get used to being upside down. I know I can get out of all of my boats with ease, some better than others (Duh!k likes to trip me and snag shoes. And why I paddle her barefoot) so the exit is not my hang-up; my hangup is in being upside down underwater. Yeah, I gotta work on that.

But it’s stinking cold out, and I’m making oodles of excuses in my head, and creating a mixed bag of angst in my psyche. Fact is, NOW is the time when one really wants the rolling skill down pat; ‘Bombproof’ as the white water types like to call it.

Excuses are like A$$h♤les, every body has one and knows another.

I need to be the bear

Be the Bear!!! Maybe thats what I need. Kit up with cold water gear and just dive in, swim around a bit, THEN get in the kayak and do what I need. Only (legit) excuse I have there is ‘No partner’. Kinda don’t wanna risk things without a backup on hand. (I don’t enjoy soloing like I did. Funny being an introvert and lone wolf type wanting to ‘herd up’ 😝)


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