Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

The simple solution.

Note to the DNC: if ya gots nuttin ta hide, then allow a full recount, allow a third party, unbiased set of observers to watch. I’m sure there are some countries out there willing to offer such up, if it would shut down the turmoil.

I am quite certain that the entire country would understand and abide a delay in a SOLID answer to the shitstorm that has brewed out of this Selection cycle.

If you have nothing to hide, whats the problem?

But NONE of that is gonna happen. Why? Because “they won”. Doesn’t matter one whit if it was by hook and crook, or honest means. Not one: they got the votes and to hell with the rest of us for making the last 4 years a living hell for them. tried reading some screeds from the other side, one of which was at a site curiously named “The Soapbox” . I can’t finish any of the articles. Ever. The circular logic is deafening. I recall a philosophical argument about brainwashing and if someone were brainwashed and taught that everyone else was but they were normal, How could you show them the error?♧

I’m sure those on the left feel similar to me from an opposing POV.

And thats THE problem. Not the stolen Selection, not the hypocrisy of swallowing state lies and “living free”. The problem is that we are two entirely different mindsets with ZERO common ground anymore. We may speak what at the surface sounds like the same language, but isn’t. We live in the same neighborhoods and our kids (used to ) play on the same teams. But we are NOT THE SAME.

I’ve stated it and stated it time and again; WORDS HAVE MEANINGS, and to twist those meanings is the first bulkhead of progressivism. When I say ‘Science’, I am talking about a system designed to test theories, and if proven false, chuck it and come up with a new one. When Progessives say it, they have proven time and again the theory is all and will alter the tests to “prove” the theory.

Sounds more like a religion to me.

The chasm was widening before March, then Mr Floyd helped kick off more crap, (and I still feel that was a narrated event, blown out of proportion) and shit started doing the San Andreas Fault boogie. Divisions aren’t just in areas of the country, but within FAMILIES. There is one in my family that I am avoiding right now because of this situation (and her ‘sensitive nature’) . We are where we were in 1860, with families splitting over ideology.

And what really blows my mind the most? THEY FUCKING TOLD US THEY WERE GOING TO DO IT!!!! And now the Left-tards are singing that tune like it were a fucking Gospel sent down from heaven: ” we knew you’d say the election was stolen, now get out!!!”

When Obama won, I raised Cane, but not because I thought it was a scam election but because I could hear the double entendre of his words. The man was (is) a Master Orator, and people heard what they wanted to hear and not his real meanings. “Fundamentally Change ” is EXACTLY what we got and NOT FOR THE BETTER. We are at war with each other now. And if you try to tell me we aren’t, you need to take a trip to Portland or one of the other hotspots. (And look close, if you see a talking head in one of those places, 10:1 they are sporting body armor under that dress shirt and windbreaker.)

And that war has been very one sided, but if things keep rolling like they are, it will not stay that way. And as Sarah said, and I’m paraphrasing here: When we (conservatives) flip, its brutal and nonstop until completion. What does that mean? Go ask Hitler, or Mussolini. Go ask the Japanese soldiers on the islands of the Pacific.






Call the Congress critter of your choosing. Suggest that a recount is in order because an honest election wouldn’t have a problem, but to resist a recount means there are things to hide.

Trust me. That whole city has a shit ton of stuff they want to keep in the dark, and this election was just as much about that as it is a slap in the Face to the Trump Deplorables.

And just to clear the air, no, I didnt vote for Trump, I voted Libertarian. I KNEW this shit was gonna go off the chain and it didn’t make one three hundred millionth of a percent difference WHO I voted for. Remember, THEY TOLD US WHAT THEY PLANNED, AND WE DID NOTHING TO STOP IT!!!

H/T to BIG Country

♧I never had a good answer to it, and still don’t. I know I am not because I question literally EVERYTHING on a daily basis, even my own stance. And I do change my opinion when confronted with REAL EVIDENCE, not just feelings. Its has allowed me to evolve from that robotic mindset I was in 12 years ago to where I am now. And in those 12 years, I have learned more than I care to, about how truly evil a very small group of people are, and worse; how much control they influence.


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  1. Call T. Don

    For those of us that had one small hope that there was perhaps a conservative side that would band together despite differences to defend our last remaining republic ideals….that hope is dead. The fact that so few of them have offered to stand with Trump and against this theft, to me means the swamp is never again to have our republic as a priority. This should trouble both sides…but alas there is but one side and it is homogeneous to the bottom of the swamp. The simple solution you proposed should have broad support and should be desired by ALL.

    I would say my core is liberaterian and have voted outside of that in most cases to get closer to what I’d like rather than further away. I certainly understand your position as well though and admire your commitment to it. At this point I doubt there are ever again true elections. The unsustainable and in fact, unreversable debts created under the R and D headings have ensured financial death to this system if it stays together that long.

    I have not given up on Trump and his true team and the possibility of bringing this to light entirely, but will enough care? The poor man works alone most of the time and the toll of it all must be high.

    And we all wait….and I withdraw, to my small place in the world were non of it matters for now, and enjoy a simple life thankful for the blessings the wealthy probably wouldn’t understand. I hope your, and your readers find a similar place of contentment.


    November 8, 2020 at 1:02 pm

    • Amen. To all of what you wrote. I have my little hole of ‘paradise’ and will defend it as needed, and I hope we see this resolved,,,
      But as I said to mt BnL today, I get the impression that no matter what the course is “Through” refering to the Marines resolutions of “over, under, or through”. If Trump wins, we lose control of vast seaths of country rrady to seeth in revolt and Trump will have to escalate response. If we lose, there are zero safegaurds remaining and the fourth box is the last box. We win, we lose. We lose, we lose.
      I Pray I am wrong.


      November 8, 2020 at 3:38 pm

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