Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Projection or prediction.

Read this if you haven’t already (not long BMS)

A month or so ago a shady group (I say shady because the red proponents chosen were all ‘anti-Trumpers’) assembled and ran a war-game scenario around our current Selection cycle. I’m not going to link it as its been all around, but if you aren’t aware of it just search for ‘Transition Integrity Project’.

All of the points they bring up are being blamed on the red party but the Right see it very differently as being induced by the blue party.

Then we see information about Color Revolutions and how they play out and everything “Fits”.

And a question in the headlines this AM was ‘why are gun sales still on the rise?’

Short answer, IMO, the quiet ones see a damned big storm on the horizon and Mr. Colt was the true great equalizer.

We have a presidential election between a hated president (I still dont get all the hype but Ive covered it other times and places) and an obviously mentally incapacitated septigenerian. His wife has a reputation of “power hungry” that almost equals that of HRC without the list of dead. His running mate has a history as well and the whole combination is deeply embedded in politics since graduation of higher learning: never a day spent in private enterprise or free-market (cough) world.

I don’t like Trump as a person, but his lack of political history (prior to 2016) makes him a better candidate in my opinion. And while he may have some nasty past, ain’t a one of us in this world vying for angelic status.(be honest with yourself. We are all sinners in this world in some way.)

So we have one side accusing the other of trying to steal an election while making efforts to do the thing they say (projection). We have(currently legal) gun sales continuing to rise. (Of course there is no way to know about the under the table sales but I’d say that is moving in similar fashion). We have an open seat in the SCOTUS and a potential Constitutional crisis on the horizon. And the country is showing political/societal/ divides greater than those of the late 1840’s. Toss in the whole Pandemic confusion, democrat controlled cities burning with riots and protests,,,,

Hell the damned list of shit this year has brought on or exposed is too damned long. What it all boils down to is a perfect storm brewing and its all been manipulated by people in positions of power. The big question in my mind is this: who is fucking feeding this maelstrom? Things like this dont just happen. Whats the ultimate endgoal of the providers? NWO? Or Agenda 21 stuff (I know the Agenda 21 group dissolved but many of the members reformed under “The Great Reset” and much of their list resembles A21 garbage.)

Yeah yeah yeah,,, I just lost some of my readers to “conspiracy theory tinfoil hat wearer” accusations. Heres how I look at it. It IS another piece of information and true or not, the best place to hide anything is right out in the open. Mmaybe its bullshit? Maybe its a real thing but so unbelievable that 99% wil write it off as crap, if they even ever see it. Its information and sometimes (a lot lately) that information intersects and even snuggles up perfectly with current events. I don’t believe in coincidence. Once is happen stance, twice is the warning, three times is enemy action. This year I lost track of all those ‘co-wink-i-dinks’.

Storm’s a’comin’

and we have no way of knowing its intensity or duration. Those that have set the winds to blowing think they can control it to achieve a certain outcome. Its almost as if they think they are God or somesuch.

Good luck with that, Gods proven to be the jealous type and doesn’t do competition very well.


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