Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

The post that gets me banned?

We’ll see.

Lets start this ball rolling by reminding my readers of a fact about me. I’m an INTJ on the Myer Briggs personality indicator. One thing about INTJs is emotions, or seeming LACK of. We despise public emotiinal displays. We have them, feelings, emotions, and usually quite strongly, but choose to rein them in and keep our heads and wits about us. When another ‘vents’ emotionally in our presence, (and I speak from my own standpoint, other INTJs may have variations of this) its the psychic equivalent of someone puking all over us.

So lets kick off this little shindig and see if WordPress decides I’m unfit for their servers.

Race, breeds, species, etc.

Words, right?

Mere words, but words are the weapon of the left as documented by George Orwell so eloquently in 1984. Twist the meaning, enforce the new one through ‘social shaming’ and the sheep will enforce your edicts with no fight.

Break it down: I AM a racist! I think the human race is at the peak of current evolution on this planet. I like being a human, a thinker, tool user, mover of mountains and manipulator of atoms. I may not be those last two specifically, but the human RACE is. Now like all species/races, there are breeds within the basket. In Canines, you have wolves, coyotes, rottweilers, labradors and terriers, etc. Ask any dog breeder which can interbreed and they will say “all of ’em”.

Same applies to the Human race. Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red: Doesn’t matter, we can interbreed. And given time, can create new breeds within the species.(and here we are 1000000+ years since Lucy passed on, with many many breeds running amok.)

So yeah, I’m racist. You are too unless you’re doing unspeakable acts to sheep or something. (We won’t take that thought any further though: Ick!!!)

See, until somewhere in the beginning of the 20th century, “Race” meant “Species” but that shifted around the time of a certain social justice movement that had good intentions but has become the loose cannon under the decks busting holes in the hull during storm seas.

What brought all of this out in me was a post by a friend. It was a meme stating that Doctors are the equivalent of the police against black women. It all came down to a link to a CDC doc stating that Black women in the US have a higher infant mortality rate per capita than white women. There were other breeds mentioned (people really hate that term since it seemingly makes us ‘animals’. Uh, yeah, guess what? WE ARE!!!) Like Inuit and others. I’m gonna touch on the Inuit first. Ever been to Alaska? Hint. IT’S BIG!!!. Lots and lots of open areas with few clumps of ‘city’. Medical care, especially out on the fringes may be non-existent. Higher infant mortality is likely to go hand and hand with that.

But back to article and the black side of it. In the US, there are more Black single mothers on welfare, by percentage of breed, than White. They have access to medical facilities, access that costs them little or nothing, and they have a higher infant mortality rate than whites do.

I’m betting that if you took only low income Whites on welfare, into the count, those numbers would likely get much closer to equal.


Lifestyle. Diet. Mental stability even.

I don’t see many Blacks in the area I live in. Of those I do see, THEY AREN’T ON WELFARE. But there are plenty of white families that are. If I go grocery shopping at the beginning of the month, I can spot the ones on welfare, not by appearance, but by food choices, and quantity. Crap, lots of processed, boxed meals, junkfood, and moonpies: usually covering 2 carts stacked to overflowing. One of those carts may be soda-pop only; over-loaded so much, you can hear the bearings starting to gall. As for personal appearance; usually pasty-skinned, grossly obese, and often quite odorous.

I’m not saying welfare is a bad thing, but I am saying generational welfare is. Many have been ‘hooked’ into easy money. And our welfare system has become a free-for-all that caters to failure. Dropped out of school because it was ‘too hard’ and can’t get a job because you completely lack any skill: sign up for the dole, Gubmints gonna hep ya out. Get busted for felonious assault and do 5 years in the Pen, can’t get a job ’cause of your record; same thing, gubmints gonna do ya right (till ya end up back in said pen)

So my question becomes this: you are being supported by the state, provided food, housing, medical care, etc; and infant mortality is the Doctors fault?

I cry Bull!!!

All of this, to me, is yet another symptom of the underlying disease that is eating the corpse of this country apart. This symptom is lack of personal responsibility, lack of accepting the consequences of personal decisions. No one holds a gun to your head when you’re scarfing down that crap food, or destroying your stomach lining by inhaling liter after liter of ‘pop’ (and I have been guilty of that in the past so I know where I am coming from)

It isn’t racism thats causing this, its poor decision making.

We may have a prejudice issue within these states, but that is a human nature condition, hardwired into us for survival and adapted by social conditions. For example. A gentleman just came into my shop asking if he could get some apples off the tree at the end of the driveway. Even offered to pay for ’em. No one around here pays for those apples and I wasn’t going to make him the exception. I even gave him a bag to put them in. BTW, he’s a Black man. Had on farmer john overalls°, I could smell soap when he stood near me talking, didn’t act like a thug and was polite (more polite than many white people I know!!!). His skin color had NOTHING to do with ANY PART OF OUR CONVERSATION and I assumed nothing about him based on said skin color. His overt politeness was likely due to past prejudiced conflicts, and I can fully understand that as I do know what this country has been like for decades.

But he found a friendly person in this Buckra. (Look it up. Its a real word)

Prejudicial treatment can be an issue, but then, if you look like a thug, walk like a thug and carry a bad attitude, why shouldn’t someone else assume you are a thug????

A duck is a duck is a duck, and no one can ever say its a dog. (Well, ya can but people are gonna give you funny looks)

And its not ONLY lack of personal responsibility; again, just a symptom IMO. That symptom is encouraged by the welfare state: why should you accept responsibility when the remainder of an entire society is picking up the tab to keep allowing you to suck air? Screw up with Johnny Law and do a small stint with three hots and a cot, then back out for more fun n games. Screw up and get pregnant? Well who cares who the daddy is if the state cuts a check and gives you a place to raise the kid. Why not do it again and double your income? Notice I am not pointing at whites or blacks or any one group in particular; I am blaming the SYSTEM!!!!!! There is a saying in politics “tax what you don’t want, subsidize what you do want”. So if they keep subsidizing failure, then they WANT people to fail. People stuck on the teat don’t strive, and that lack of ambition is the goal IMO.

So when People are whining about SYSTEMIC RACISM, they are whining about a system they continue to support, and likely because they are part of the system in some way.

Question EVERYTHING. The whole thing is a game and the rules are not ever in your favor. There is no free lunch; someone is paying for it, and it is NEVER the politicians that do.

° And to any yahoo that says ‘you saw those farmer johns and thought ‘he was being a good blackman”; you can kiss my hairy white ass. You’re thinking that shows your “racism”. Farmerjohn coveralls are common wear to many older southern rural people, white, black, or brown. And if you live north of the Tennessee/Kentucky zone, you probably have ZERO clue how little southerners have ‘racial’ issues. Especially amongst the older people (40+) and out away from the cities.


4 responses

  1. Spud

    Nothing here that I’d find objectionable…
    I like my Carhartt bibs for welding, but mostly they’re too stinking hot ta wear down here.

    Liked by 1 person

    September 15, 2020 at 4:57 am

  2. I take offense at being called older people! 😂


    September 15, 2020 at 6:19 am

    • Too bad!!!!🤪 I’m flippin 52 so you’re still a ‘young’un’ in my book. Spuds’ older than me and still calls me ‘Kid’ or ‘Son’ and I live with it.
      I’m more offended by the fact that my mind is still young but the body prefers to put the brakes on at the least optimum times. Thats shits irritating!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      September 15, 2020 at 6:25 am

      • Spud

        Fifty two is just when stuff begins to fall apart…
        I’m fourteen years older , and believe me it is a huge change .
        You’re about due for the first hernia Dio lol…


        September 16, 2020 at 4:00 am

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