Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

The only solution

Educate the young.

Our youngsters have been educated, but the last several generations, including the one I am from, have been educated by others and the controlling interests of that education had an agenda.

We are seeing that agenda attempting a birthing now, at large in our world.

In my side bar there is a link to a series of books, and I have been putting them in the footers of my posts. Yes, if you purchase a set, I will get a small kick back, but thats not the why its there. I personally bought a set for my granbehbies, and before I delivered them, sat and read them. The message is a lot clearer than the one public schools have been spreading. It is one of freedom, individualism, and yes, that word that seems to have been so maligned of late: capitalism.

And its as simple as need be. Limited government, personal accountability, self worth, meritocracy. Not social justice, more government, and universal basic income welfare vomit.

One road is freedom. It looks hard because it has one premise that covers the path: WORK. The other looks easy because it sings a song of safety and promise of hope.

One is a road to true freedom, the other a road to slavery.

I keep saying November is a turning point. Some would say its the Overton Window, but that point was passed somewhere over the last 6 years IMO. The turning point will be whether or not Team Freedom, also known as “the sleeping giant” , can be woke up. Alot of that turning point pivots on a name, one of two. I don’t need to play crypto here, y’all know the playing field as well as I.

I see scenarios within scenarios as to out future and none of them are good. No matter what way it turns, the road ahead is going to be rough, and that rough is going to be for quite awhile. As stated here

The events of the first Trump term have shown that there is an
irreconcilable gap between those who believe in the traditional America
mythos and those who wish to replace those stories with unadulterated

Those two groups cannot co-exist.

One must utterly destroy the other in order for it to survive.

The Reds have finances, organization, resources, position, and will.

The American Trads?

Be brutally honest with yourself.


Or them. (Emphasis mine)”

Not a pretty picture is it? Sounds similar to justification for genocide on a way, doesn’t it? Not the first I’ve heard that tone either, not in recent months. I’ve heard call to eradicate the white, or enslave them. They chose different wording but boil it down to bare facts and those were the goals.

Now I’m hearing terms like “the left is a mental disorder and can’t be cured; it must me excised”.

Now, as for being a mental disorder, I have a hard time arguing against. Any ideology based on emotion first and logic never is an infantile base that needs to be,,, isolated I’d agree, eradicated? Only as a last resort. Maybe if there were another planet where one side or the other could go and call the whole experiment off,,,,

Yeah, fools dream, or Elon Musks? Maybe that is his goal; whackadoodle as his ideas may be, they seem to work, and he is able to hire the number crunchers to make them work.

And maybe there is a separation of thought that irrevocable. Maybe the only solution is the final one.

I’m just one little fish in a very large ocean. Might even say that I am just one H2O molecule amongst a quintillion others,,,

I don’t stick to one source, I bounce around a lot just to feel the pulse of things. One side tries to be objective. They do this because their only aim is to be left alone to build their dreams. The other side always seems to make one assumption right out of the gate: that they can make people “better”.

I say we need to educate our young, and I mean that. I don’t want to indoctrinate my littles with “this is how it is”, I want them to be questioning, always, I want them to have a foundation so that when myself and their mom is no longer around, they can stand on their own and make the choices that improve themselves and those around them, WITHOUT lowering someone else. Fair trade, truly freemarket type benefits all parties, but we don’t, and haven’t since 1913, have a free-market.when you have to work nearly four months out of a year just to pay “Uncle Sam”, you are NOT free and the market at large is mailnipulated to get even more from you. (Think big business actually pays taxes? Think again sweetheart, they adjust the price so that YOU are the one paying that tax, not them. They just do all the paperwork and write the check that your hard earned lucre paid for.)

No, freedom isn’t easy. It can be painful, dreary, even fatal in some instances. But the alternative is drearier still, is usually poverty ridden (unless you are higher in the controlling party) and in many instances is fatal.

I choose the first path, been on it at a personal level for 12 years now. And if I have to fight others to stay on my path, well, its been some time, but the lessons I was taught are still hardwired in, and I can still hit an 8″ pie plate @500yds with Irons.

No, I dont relish the idea, but I know I don’t, and won’t, lose sleep over such a deed.

Check out the link please, Conner is doing a great thing and I am trting to help him out. It may be too late to turn this trainwreck around, but if we can teach those that will be around afterward,,,,

The Tuttle Twins - a child's foundation of freedom

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