Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


How does business happen? Value.

You have a product, service, idea, that others VALUE, and you will make income.

Its that damned simple.

So, what’s so wrong with Capitalism? You give, you receive, and if the product or service is lacking, the life of said business will soon evolve or expire. Others offer same or better and Competition ‘improves the breed’. As long as there is competition, things will improve. Remove that, and it all stagnates and regresses or in the longer term, rot from the inside.

What I love about TRUE capitalism is how it follows rules just like evolution does. Environment determines course and growth, and yes, both can be manipulated, but in the long run, the rules will prevail.

What we are seeing now is backlash from ‘natural rules’ against years (decades?) Of manipulation. Economists call these times “corrections”, and I find that term quite fitting. Yup! It’s likely gonna be a painful ride and as long as the corrections are allowed to happen, eveything will improve in the long run. The ‘other option’ is to allow full control by outside influences but that means surrendering ALL of your choices about how you earn, receive, and use your lucre.

No thanks, that, to me, rings of slavery.

Slight lean into the turn here,,,,

I was belittled by an ‘educator’ use of the term ‘Socialism ‘. He swore that we have a freely capitalist country, the freest on the planet.

Umkay!!! Sure. Sell me that bridge outside of Phoenix, the one that used to reside over the Thames in London. (Google it, I ain’t kiddin’)

I don’t think I need to go to extremes in showing examples of where he is wrong, but what we do have is, IS Socialism Lite. One third of our country (may be a bit more now) works for Government or some form of enforcement arm for G. Another quarter are on some form of welfare or Social security. Blue collar is a very small percentage with small business sharing rougly a similar rate. Large business has downsized and outsourced to maximize margins, and investors are mixed throughout all of the above. Roughly 1/3-2/5thss support the remainder; how is this NOT socialism?

Oh, maybe its their use of a dictionary published in 2019, while I use one that was first written in 1790,

And that’s another reason we will see a correction. Trying to hide the truth by manipulation of meanings has similar consequences for backlash. One will be monetary, the other in social reality.

I get it, I really do. I understand the Siren’s song of Socialism. Hell, everything is a business model, Right? What’s not to like about getting a better return of investment for mediocrity. We have an entire group of people in this country that make serious bank on it. I call them politicians.

But I digress…

I’ll give you a short example of what free market ideals can do using an analog comparison

Insurance. (And Heinlein fans already know where this one is headed, LOL)

Say ya want health insurance or Life insurance in a truly free market (no regulations and no guarantees) who do you talk to?

The Bookies. The guys that set the odds at the gaming tables, sporting events etc. That is all insurance really is, some one setting the odds, taking the anty, and taking the chance of losing. If you want a better ‘rate’ you sample several bookies and make your choice. It may cost you (think Lloyds of London costs. And guess what, that is Exactly how Lloyds operates. They’ll give you odds on your flippin VOICE and sell you a package.) But you have your ‘insurance. The disreputable ones won’t last a month and the honest ones will charge and payout as they should. As for taking them to court (have you tried that with ‘modern’ insurance agencies?) Well, in a free market world, there would be no real courts system in place, but you could hire arbitration. Both sides would cover the hire, and pledge to honor the decision no matter how it fell out. The dishonest would try to ‘settle out of court’ to keep things hush-hush. (Gee, sounds DAMNED familiar, doesn’t it?)

Provide Value, be honest, be accountable,

Things we see everyday, but oh so rarely from those on high now.

The Tuttle Twins - a child's foundation of freedom


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