Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha



This plot is the number of daily tests. On 5 July, for instance, there were 654,489 new tests. I repeat, this plot is the number of new daily tests by day. 650 thousand reported tests per day!
If your jaw is not dropping, you have not understood this plot. It is not
total tests. Testing is increasing everywhere, day by day. Testing is
going nuts. Testing is out of control. Testing is rampant. Testing is at
insane levels and only growing.
Why is this important? I’ll tell you: because we hear from every
propaganda source that we are seeing a “surge” and “spike” and “record”
new “cases”.


It would be a shock if we didn’t see a surge in new “cases” with all this testing!

650k/day of tests. 350M in population. Apx 90% of the tests are for antibodies with no way to differentiate from any ‘corona virus’ from another (and the common cold is a Corona virus)

At current testing rate every one in the US will have been tested by the wnd of next year, 2021. By that time, everyone will have caught fought and survived at least the common cold and EVERYONE will test positive for antibodies of a Corona Virus.

But the Media sure won’t tell the story THAT way, it would make all the spin and twists they have been selling hollow (it is) and ruin their reputations (too late!!!).

Masks, long article, lots of links, and one that, as long as you are open minded enough to set aside your preconceptions that the State Opinion is ‘science backed’, just might open your eyes to some of the other slack-jawed rubbish they have been spewing. Please, Do read the whole thing. Follow the links as well and read those too. Might take an hour or so depending on your reading speed. Not doing so is, IMHO, accepting your position as a dupe to insanity and growing tyranny.

Now, on to the next phase of this post: the silver lining, so to speak.

(HT to Spud for linking this at FB.) Survival Mom shares a TEOTWAWKI enlightenment.

TEOTWAWKI is when the map resembles the territory, by landmarks and such, but the territory is most definitely NOT the map. All the stores look the same, the people all look familiar, but the customs are different and even language, while sounds similar, uses a different dictionary. Yup! We’re there!!! Now this may be premature on my part, seeing how I keep saying and thinking (w/o reason or evidence to change my tune yet) that we are still in for a shit-ton of ‘Change’ come November 4th: there are opportunities growing even as I type this.

Homeschooling; its evolving (regression can be evoloution too) and many parents are realizing that 1: its not as hard as the teachers unions have been trying sell it. And 2; there are far more resources, BETTER resources available for a whole lot less than they thought. There are communities ‘growing’ homeschool pods (little red school house on the hill?) Pooling resources and using individual parents as ‘teachers’ with other parents filling niche courses as their professions dictate and fill said niche. One Mom can fill the roll of the three R’s and a dad can come in one day a week for detailed instruction on a science or language or finances, etc etc ad nauseam. The kids themselves will be part of the program with the older kids tutoring the younger, taking some of the load off the Mom.

Just like it was done 150 years ago when the kids were taught LIFE!!!

Case in point of such an opportunity: I recently spent a couple hundred dollars on a set of booksfor my Granbehbies, and will be delivering them soon.( and if they join me here, sooner.) This is addition to the Saxon Math series I have, the history texts of several different breeds, and a plethora of other books in the sciences including some that raise eyebrows from even hardcore preppers (uncle festers cookbook as an example: no link, it gets redflagged!!!) (Yes, I want my Granbehbies to be Dangerous. Dangerous children keep tyrants in line!) Scouting books, survivalist books, and of course all the Foxfire series.

So yeah, in this way, I see a silver-lining to the chaos around us: homeschooled kids=better educated kids by my experiences, and more better educated kids means there may be a light at the end of the dark tunnel we have entered.

In my lifetime? I highly doubt it, but the speed with which things have been moving, I may yet see the reversal of this socialist ‘paradise’ were dropping into. And probably drop dead that very day: but I’d die satisfied that the human race wasn’t completely mind-wiped and stoopid. (My calculation of an eighteen year education starting,,, Now! I will be 70 y.o. and likely in a bad way IF things continue the path they are on. All assuming I haven’t died in a firefight or with a bullet through me for being, well, the anarchist I am.)

But those opportunities??? SEMPER GUMBY!!!!! With the speed of the world, rigid gets you broken and left the wayside; or, as My Fav-o-rite Gunny used to say, “improvise, adapt, and overcome”


And I’ll keep harping on this,


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