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Umm, my fleet gained a boat

2005(?) K1 Expedition by Feathercraft.I know its at least 2005 or older because FC changed the coaming design in 2006. Sadly, Feathercraft closed their doors a couple years back and only the owner maintains any business for these boats out of his basement in Vancouver. And being an adventurer, responds to emails only when he’s home every few months. 😏

Only a couple peices missing and nothing that makes the kayak unusable, but I would like to have all of the kit that was standard for it.

And I haven’t yet taken it out. That will be today.

How this came about,,, well, doesn’t really matter, I helped a guy out after he had an issue that needed a small influx of FRNs and ended up with a boat I dont need.

One advantage with this boat; it folds up to a backpack (big backpack) sized package and can be taken with on trips where I would be hard pressed to take one of my other boats. Like one where I have to get on a bushplane or something. That is the scenario that inspired the design, and while I may never have such an adventure myself, the portable function will come in handy visiting family in SC. The folded package easily fits in a car trunk. Its about the size of a large suitcase and holds the entire boat and accesories as well as a PFD, wet gear, and three part paddle.

She’s no lightweight though. 50# and that skin is plenty robust. Frame is aircraft aluminum tubing and ribs are 1/2″ poly plates. Some very ingenious design went into it, and any tools for assembly are also part of the frame.

Anywhoos, gonna take her out today, see how she handles, and what kind of performance we can achieve. Not expecting a fast boat, like Duh!k or Serena, but with the built in sponsons, I do expect a near rock stable ride(in comparison to mine, she is a kayak, so you know ‘tippy’ will be in the mix somewhere ). Will see. More later.


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