Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Communication needs solid definitions

This isn’t a slam on my reader Spud. It could be construed as such, but I saw in his comment the problem; as in “THE Problem!!!”

Pretty much the same thing as I’ve heard , only difference being that both sides are recruiting.
I be getting ready, for whatever good it’ll do me,..
IMHO crapitolism is beyond out of control, which brings on the need and demand for more socialism.

(Emphasis mine)

TRUE Capitalism operates on natural laws, very similar to Darwins theory of natural selection. The market will self-correct imbalances, and demands within the market will dictate supply and values. With all of the rules and laws and taxes, fee’s, permits, licensing, etc etc. What we have is a perverted hybrid bastard that is far closer to socialism than capitalism. Toss in all the “Can’t s” held aloft by support and welfare (and I list ALL politucians in the can’t list) and what you end up with is, wait for it,,,,


To many times do I hear a variation on “tax the rich to feed the poor ’til the rich are rich no more” . Sounds nice, but there is a serious lack of forthought underlaying that. And it goes by this tune; ‘never been hired for work by a poor man.’






Here is why I say this. There are so many agencies, bureaucracy, and stages of government from local all the way through the ceiling of Federal; all with one intent, to control the people . You have to get permission of can or can’t, licenses for everything from a megacorp to a damned lemonade stand now, bribe for permission to build pretty much ANYTHING, and woe be to you if you skip that little bribe. We live under the gun threat of violence if we “fail to uphold our end of the social contract” by paying taxes. And are taxed at every stage of transaction from receipt to exchange to LOSS! (inheritance taxes!)

Far more people live on the dole now than have ever, and in recent “stimulus”, the only way the PTB were gonna get it to pass was by offering a bribe to every single mouthbreather alive on the continent. We are already on the edge of ‘From those that can, to those with need”, and when that becomes full blown reality, we pass from Socialism to outright communism. When we get there, incentive becomes non-existent and entrepreneurs dissapear.

With all the rules, controls, taxes, and legions of enforcers and agents, what we already have is SOCIALISM.

And people want MORE?!?!?!?!

I’ll give you the argument that there is a definite imbalance of capital in the world, refering to the one percent that hold 90% of the wealth. I will argue that greed is ‘the problem’ though. With my self-education in money and finance over the last year or two, what I see isn’t greed (in most cases) its education. And where I see scarcity, I see lack of education. I’m not talking the formalized marble hall education here, but the nut-busting reality education of how the real machine of capitalism works. R. Kiyosaki sums it up in his “Fake” video series. Our educators don’t teach the reality of money because they were never taught it. The mantra has been for ages ‘get an education, get a good job, work hard, and Save” and many many good people have done just that and done “Okay “. But the way the system has been rigged(under socialist ideology), that mantra is the path to serfdom. Under true capitalism, that mantra would work, but not under our socialist lite system.

‘FAIR’ The dirtiest four letter word I know. “But thats not fair”, “fair treatment”. ‘Fair’ has been misinterpreted for so long by so many that it no longer bears any resemblance to its reality. Ask ANY lawyer for the definition of ‘fair’ and their short answer will be “equally screwed” . But when politicians and mobs start calling for “fair,,,,” they are trying to gain leverage, not fairness.

But that word Fair gets tossed around like a talisman to ward off failure.

Failure is what leads to success. Without failures, there is zero growth. Without failures, we would still be flopping the mud trying to get out of the oceans.

Failure is completely fair: everybody is equally prone to f#@k it up. Bei g smart enough to see the cause and effect and make corrections is were we ARE NOT equal. That has nothing to do with race either, that has everything to do with what sits between the ears.

My wish is for people to start using terminology on proper context and stop using the terms as twisted by those trying to steer the world over the edge of the cliff. If more people would insist on keepi g to real meanings, there would be far less confusion and strife between ALL peoples of all stripes.

Just sayin’

(Its a bit discombobulated thanks to mamakat and grizzykat being grumpy lumps, but there it is.)

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