Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

It’s not about control

My angst is that those pushing the envelope on that control are clueless Idjits that couldn’t work a lugwrench if it meant life or death. How many are still freaking out about “Climate Change” (or is it climate evolution this month? 😋) even after the 31 flipping computer models were shown to be manipulated and WRONG! How many are still doing the statistical math on COvid using the original data points that have also been proven WRONG! (one for certain. Anthony Fauci)

But this post isn’t about control, its about peeking behind the curtain to watch the wizards twist knobs and push levers. As an example: black guy jogging, gets killed by two whites. Media sees dead dude has a rather pleasant appearance in his school pics and plays the race card with all the spin of a phlebotomists centrifuge. 99% of the populace will take that info propaganda at face value, never hearing the whistling noise of spun information, and will NEVER dig a little deeper to find out dead dude had a rap sheet, was in an upscale neighborhood that had been seeing an increase in bad things happening, and the two white dudes were neighborhood watch.

And that was just 5 minutes of digging without trying.



Do I know the whole story? No. I don’t need to as it doesnt concern me, other than the fact that I wanted to see how bad the Media is spinning this.

If they are so damned willing to spin this, ignore Islamabad dude in another city stabbing a bunch of white people, and scream about how many are dying without treatment for a bug that can be treated with Malaria drugs: you have to ask the one question I have been asking for some time. WHO DO THESE F#@KS WORK FOR???? They certainly do not work for integrity and honesty,,,,

But hey, I’m just Joe Blow, welder, without some prestigous degree or professional career that “entitles me” to have an opinion.

And thats the rub. These F#@ks act like they are so far above the shit and stink that they are untouchable.

We had a saying in the suck. Belief will get you killed: you’d better f#@kin’ KNOW!

Just saying,,,,

And not a threat to anyone, but those that make a living doing the spin; ya might want to investigate what Clinton allowed as viable targets in Bosnia. I can damned well guarantee that when things get sparky, there are more than a few patriots that will recall all the lies and spin that have led to where we are these days.

Side note and this IS about the control thing: been seeing a shit-ton of things about ‘chipping’ people. What I am going to say is probably gonna piss off a lot of people but here goes. “BRING IT!”

Now, why did I just say that? Chipping the populace is going to aggravate an already precarious position those in power are teetering on. If you think for one minute that a chip would last 15 minutes in a world with people like me in it, you are delusional. Bring it, and we will find a way to use the effects of it to our advantage.


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