Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Some thoughts to get out

Watching, learning, evaluating; so many recent events surrounding the 2A .If you haven’t checked out TL’s take on things, do so now. Its at NC Renegade which I try to keep up with along with several others.Now, some of you that have been here awhile may recall I attended a few of the first PatCon’s, including the first on in PA that TL inspired. Several others much more notable than I were in attendance as well. There was some butting of heads, but for the most part, it went pretty well.Here’s why I bring this up. TL mentioned some of the things there, that he brings up in this article. Namely, that the right can’t ally with itself, and because of that, the right can’t fund serious lobbying, or promotion of its means/agenda/goals. Grass roots seems the only thing we can get right, but that can only carry you so far when the left has all of the rest, to include a media system in its bedroom.Thinking further on it, I ran into one problem. Its not an excuse as it has real potential for the negative, and while its not the complete reason why the right can’t fund itself, it does carry great weight to that. We, the right, no matter where you stand or for what you stand for are openly, flagrantly, labeled as terrorists etc. There are laws in the books that specifically target any financial supporters of ‘terrorist’ groups. Why would any investor want to sign up with us if there is a real chance that some outlier group gets some funding, does something stupid and every one associated to them is drawn and quartered in the courts and media? Thats just one thought I had taken from that article. Here is another,,,This is commonplace in the right, and while it is a stoic position, it is not one that helps a group.Another take was his stating the very reason I no longer asssociate with many of the groups. I still maintain contact with a chosen few, operative word there is ‘few’. But as some here can recall, things managed to get flat ugly once or twice, and when I fought the character assassination attempt, key people dropped all parties involved like they were all plague victims. I stuck it out, but many of the connections I had made were destroyed. I watched from that point forward and realized one thing: there is almost zero loyalty among the right. It seems like most of the names you read, with a few notable exceptions, are really in it for the notariety, not the end goal. Some of those exceptions are TL, Claire Wolfe, Matt Bracken and a few others. All of them put out what they can, publish what they can, and yeah, they make a few bucks on their books, but I can’t see them getting rich on it. (Having published one little how to book myself, I have a better idea of how much they are NOT making. It helps, but it isnt going to let them retire next year.) But they continue even when no one else will.The in-fighting amongst ‘Team Freedom’ is our Achilles heel, and it always has been, even back to the 90’s with the militia movement (after it was getting moving and became the target of another character assassination by the left. One that was quite effective and still has repercussions 30 years later.)Another read for the week was “Unintended Consequences “(re-read for the nth time), and the final section of that book is probably putting a bias on my thinking, but I just can’t see the right getting its shit together without a Henry Bowman to step off the porch, and while not be a leader, perse, be the guiding principle of how to approach the changes. 100,000 lone wolves with one target apiece and the discipline to shut up about it, would be a serious kick in the pants to the powers that wanna be. The resignations would flow like water in short order, and the deep state would be powerless to stop that wave. No core groups, no elaborate planning or strategy, no need for squad tactics, just a large number of individuals with personsl determination, a weapon, and a target of their choosing. Yeah, it could be called vigilantism, but when a guy witnesses known politicians criminals getting free-pass in a system that is anything but balanced, there comes a point where the vigilant are the only answer.I dunno. I’m getting long in tooth and this shit hasn’t changed all that much since I started waking up in 92. Its like a tidal pattern: tide in, the gun grabbers gain ground, tide out the pro-gun crowd does. Since 92, regulations have been made, repealed, made again, repealed, evolved, devolved, mutated and keep crawling back into the light. More states are pro CCW now than 92 had. More open carry states exist, and now more and more Sheriffs are siding with the pro-gun crowd. So, in many ways, things have improved and we aren’t really any closer to the PTwB loading us up in boxcars than we were in 92. I’ll give you the red-flag crap has me peeved, but I personally feel its just another ratchet tooth in their plans, and one that is most likely to get sheared off very quickly. TL mentions Minuteman groups as a possible solution to eliminate that onerous crap: it requires serious partnerships with your local LEO/Sheriff, and coordination with like-minded people in your locality. This is theoretically easier than trying to grass-roots state wide protests, and the first time the grabbers run into serious resistance, they will be walking this stupidity back hard.Comments are open, tell me what you think.

2 responses

  1. Spud

    While no doubt democracy leads to collectivism , eventually.
    Blind obedience to the oligarchs, will lead to a revolution.
    Greedy bastids that they are. Will never be satisfied until the system is reduced to feudalism.
    The plight of the poorly educated. Will forever be to have the rich taking advantage of the poor.
    Once in awhile, a reset needs be.

    February 3, 2020 at 6:34 am

    • 51%
      Do 51% know better than YOU what YOU need in life?
      On the other note of democracy: democracies are based on the fallacy that every ones opinion is equally important. Really? So my dipshit neighbor that can’t read, has opinion that carries the same weight as mine?
      As for the poorly educated, I lay that squarely on iur society of “SEP” laziness. (Sep =someone elses problem) far too few wiling to accept the responsibility of educating thier progeny, leaving it for others, then whining about how crappy the end product is.
      I’ll leave it at that for now or I’m gonna be a real bear the rest of the day.

      February 3, 2020 at 7:42 am

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