Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

In reflection

It’s a bad day on my hill. I had to do something I really did not want to do, but necessity dictated otherwise. I had to take Buzzies kittens to the shelter to find new homes.Its All-hallows Eve. This is the time of year when the Ancients felt the underworld was at its closest and that doorways between could be opened easily, and not so easily closed. Even if you don’t believe all that, its still a spooky time of year. Its also harvest time, and many of our traditions are centered around that, with smatterings of pagan beliefs and a myriad of others. After a few millennium, sorting them out can be a Gordian Knot, not one I want to dwell on here. It is a good time to harvest your thoughts and share them with others though. So that is what I’ll do here today, to help hold back the karmic backlash of breaking a cats trust.People are truly inspiring. Coming from this old Curmudgeon, thats saying something. And I am sure a few people that know me are trying to pick up their jaws right now. Bear with me and I will explain.When the first proto-human climbed out of the trees, or whatever actually happened when that spark struck a nerve and started our evolution, the resources they had were exactly the same as we have today. Think about that for a minute. Dude is sitting in some shallow cave, banging rocks together for whatever purpose, and behind him in the wall is iron, gold silver, copper, silica, limestone, etc. Below his feet is clay, mineral infused dirts perfect for growing food. Below that(and at that time sometimes bubbling to the surface) is crude oil, coal, even more metallic basics, etc etc. Its all there to be had.The ONLY difference between then and now is Knowledge. Not any one persons knowledge, but everybody’s between accumulated and passed on. The accumulation of that knowledge is not linear. Its very logarithmic. Slow starts, slow climbs, but each step forward builds on the last and expands even more. Look at our ‘revolutions’ and how quickly they are starting to happen. The agricultural revolution took ages to mature. The industrial revolution took a couple of centuries. The computer revolution isn’t even a hundred years old yet and its starting to show signs of evolving as well.Too many people will only see the bad of this, never looking at the facts. And I readily admit that I have been guilty as charged in the past. Its not the people that are the problem, its the governments in control of said people that are. The part of that statement that bothers me the most is that sometimes, government also helps. But only sometimes, and usually by doing whats right and stepping out of the way.It doesnt happen often. Nor often enough IMO.Some of this is why I’ve slowed my posting down. I am seeing through a different set of lenses now (thanks in no small part to a couple of very innocent questions asked not so long ago)Malthius was wrong.All the other doomsayers have been wrong.And for one reason. Human ingenuity.When we, as a species, have our back to the wall, we find a way to keep going.Period.And what we come up with is usually better, cheaper, and easier to use than the problem we ‘fixed’.Peak oil? Maybe, maybe not. But there are many many people working solutions, and the ones harping on it tend to not be part of that group. Will the solution be better? Maybe, maybe not. But the resources are there just waiting for someone to hit the right pair of rocks together. They always have been. Maybe we just need to take all the nuclear weapons and turn them all into reactors generating electricity. People will raise hell about nuclear waste. But people used to bitch about the gasoline that kerosene refiners were dumping in the Hudson river. Now we produce gasoline to use for our cars, and in quantities that would stagger J.P. Morgans mind. Todays waste may be tomorrows solution. We may find a way to reclaim depleted uranium and make it more useful than a slug in a rifled barrel.There is a revolution taking place right now in the world. People feel it but may not know what it is they are feeling. Our government is blocking that revolution at every turn as best they can, and if they keep doing so, this country will be, and I’ll stress this WILL BE , left behind, and all us citizens left behind with it. That revolution is taking place on the fringes of the computer revolution and will absorb all of that knowledge when it finally breaks through. If you think things move fast now, you haven’t seen anything yet.As an example for how fast this may be, I want you to think back to 1980. Cable TV was new, and took over everything. Then the personal computer came out in parallel with home video game consoles. In less than 40 years, we have smart phones that have more computing power and more memory than my first computer. A phone that fits in my pocket that is better and faster than the desktop computer that took up the whole desktop.It all starts with knowledge. Knowing which rock to hit with which rock to make that spark.The first block our government has set up is in knowledge. We are NOT teaching our children the things they need. Instead our schools are genderbending and rewarding attendence, while drugging all of the one that don’t “fit”, without teaching or inspiring anything.The second block is in technology. We have a chance to be on the doorstep of the new tech advancing on the world, an our government is getting in pissing wars with the government that ‘stepped out of the way of progress’. And to add insult to injury, many of their brightest came here to get the polish on at the few universities that still do the job, then took that home to make life better.The third block is one that won’t be able to be ignored when it gets traction. Money. The dollar may be the ‘goto’ currency of the world, but its teetering on a razors edge. When it falls, if we aren’t part of the solution, we will be at the bottom of the rubble pile. And that is completely in the hands of our government. People are already starting to find alternatives to the dollar, and while none are perfect, they are working, and they are gaining traction.But, ya know what? None of that matters a damned bit, because people will always find a way. We always do. Some get left behind, some fade away, but always there remains some kernel of that spark, and things keep going. The best and brightest today, may be tomrrows ‘just below average’. But we must keep exchanging our knowledge or things will start to go backwards. Its that exchange that makes us so unique and why we are at the top of the food chain. (And its that exchange that is currently being blocked from on high)In closing, I do believe we need to hold on to some of the past. There has to be a foundation to build on or its all just a stack of cards in a breezeway. I like my old machines: they still work. But I can’t deny the speed and accuracy of thenew stuff. Its the difference between an old 10L straight 8 putting out 120hp and a small 1.5L supercharged mini-cooper engine putting out 200hp. The advances are real, and they need to keep going, but we always need to remember that we are standing on the shoulders of giants that came before us. That foundation needs to be in our knowledge that we are taught/are should be teaching.I’m smart, I know this, but some of the people working out there on that fringe I mentioned, make me look like that slope headed proto-human banging rocks together. One of them built a server out of nvidia chip sets. Those chips are hardware accelerators for video processing. I have no clue how to wire something like that up, let alone write the code to make it all work. These guys eat stuff like that for breakfast then go run marathons in the afternoon.The stuff they are coming up with is on par with what Tesla and Edison were doing back in the early 1900’s. Rough, but a foundation for all that follows it. They are innovators creating the next world.And our government is getting in the way.

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  1. Call T. Don

    Have you read “Fate of Empires” by Sir John Glubb? Maybe you can tell how your perspectives align with facts presented?

    Not an assignment … 🙂 but it is something more for you to ponder.


    November 1, 2019 at 2:25 pm

    • Yes. Yes. And yes.
      Note, Glubb’s use of the word ‘Empire’. Note I mention People with a broad brush and Government with a broad brush. Same points, because the governments die, but the people continue: names of groups may change, even blend with others or splinter off into other factions, but as a whole, the people continue.
      It always comes back to one very small group claiming title that brings on the chaos and carnage. Leave the people alone and things can improve. I do understand that given time, governments will ALWAYS form, rather like a cyst, and the cycle repeats, but again, things evolve, the ‘host’ recovers, and time continues it’s march forward.
      Maybe its that I am so sick of the game and holding my breath for the next calamity has worn thin. I am seeing a more rational aspect these days that deals with trade and inovation and bypasses all the government intervention that stifles what people are really capable of, if given a chance.
      Please understand, this is not liberal thinking, more anarchist because I would like to see all forms of government be dissolved. Local groups, no more than 100-150 families, spread out, but connected by our technology with free trade, and I think our world would become an amazing place to live without all the mess world dominators have made it now.


      November 2, 2019 at 6:29 am

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