Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Honesty (long post warning.)

Truth and honesty are twins but they don’t always travel together.

Here’s an example; “Your house is an assett”. Anyone that is old enough and responsible enough to have approached a bank for a loan, or owned a home and been approached by insurance salesmen, has heard this saying.

Its an honest statement.

But its not truthful. Honest because your house IS an asset; to the bank. For you, its a liability. Assets generate income, liabilities take it. A house may be an investment, but it will be a poor one at best, unless you are making the purchase with the intent to ‘flip it’. Property can be a great investment tool, but not as a home. And there will always be flak given when this is shared because people can get quite emotional about their homes. Understandably so, but it does not change the truth.

When my Dad moved up north when he was much younger, he bought property on the cheap, over the years the area built up, the economy changed shape, and when he sold, the property had grown 10x in value. Sounds awesome doesnt it? In hind sight, accounting for inflation and the like, his ‘investment’ actually grew only a few percent. The only real growth was the fact that it had provided a stable ground for us kids to grow up on. (And of course thats a subjective statement with zero monetary value able to be assigned to it. Many things in this world are valuable without being marketable. More on that shortly)

The fact is, and you see it daily now, honesty is failing because its been twisted up to ‘sell the narrative’. The media only exposes enough, to obfuscate truth, but with enough ‘honesty ‘ to keep a straight face. Truth is becoming that rare gem in the slag pile that they skirt around but never quite touch.

Truth has no marketable value anymore because the vast majority do not want to hear the truth. They’d rather hear the lies and hopingly cling to a false faced imaginarium covering reality like a cheap gold leafed facade in a chinese restaurant. It looks pretty, and makes one ‘feel’ richer than they are, but eventually, the meal is over and you have to go back out onto that dirty street with trash in the gutter, and the smell of the dumpster wafting on the breeze. The longer you take, the worse the transistion from dream to reality will be. We are fast approaching a nightmare of a shift.

I spent several years with a goal in mind, not to go green, but to get off the teat of infrastructure. Yes, its nice being able to just ‘plug it in’ with the only worry being the bill at the end of the month. But I have been hearing more and more about how expensive that is getting, especially during the extreme months (extreme cold or extreme hot). It hasn’t really changed in value (truth) only the monetary instruments have. The ‘honest’ response is ‘everything costs more’ but the truth is, the dollar just buys LESS. That to me is the 900 lb gorilla in the room. So few want to admit that the dollar (and most all currencies) are just elaborately printed toilet paper, with nothing backing it beyond (a rapidly deteriorating) faith of the public. So few are willing to make the transition to off grid because it means lifestyle change. It even means work as you have to maintain your equipment. (I smell an oppurtunity here for someone.)

I recall a Scrooge McDuck cartoon where the boys made a machine that could make gold from nothing. They went wild with it and shortly everything started costing more because there was so much gold floating around, it became cheap. But the services hadn’t changed in ‘value’, just the value in the instrument of exchange.

And that is all money is: a tool, an instrument everyone recognizes and accepts in exchange for value.

Until they don’t.

When they stop accepting one form, they WILL find a replacement because barter is far too clumsy to use beyond immediate local use. Barter banks have been tried, and failed, and I can think of several reasons why, but they never last for long. Here are some questions to ask about bartering: How do you lend? What about interest? How can you even place a percentage rate on ‘time’? How many catering parties does it take to buy a car? A house?There are answers, but I’ll leave that to those with such an interest. My biggest fear of such is that it may denigrate human value back to a cheap commodity, such as in slavery days. And lets be truthful here, we aren’t all that far away from that now with so many people on the face of this rock: it wouldn’t take much, in my opinion, to shift the balance to that, especially seeing how our society is rapidly devolving into the “us vs them” factor. (I’m leaving out that there is still slavery in parts of the world, just not so openly nor advertised by the media.) We already hear terms such as “the 1 percent” and such. Yeah, its pretty much fact that a very small portion control 99% of the wealth, but the question isn’t the wealth, its what that wealth is composed of. It isn’t gold, or silver. Its human value: what can this group make achieve or accomplish. What ideas are going to do for our lives, make our lives better easier or longer. Those things have no intrinsic value by themselves, but the outcomes can and do. That is what that 1% crowd invest in. My growing up in a stable situation made me worth more to the world than if I had grown up as a nomadic vagabond. Growing up stable made it so that I could question things. If you are never certain of your next meal, your next meal is the only thing on your mind; not having to worry about that opens you up to being more productive to others, to learn, and explore possibilities. And explore I have, I do, and will probably never stop doing. That has yet to be fully used so has not found its true potential yet, and that is on me and no one else. Not having exploited that potential is what keeps me on the down side of the economic scene. But even there, I am wealthy by my standards. I know the truth.

Truth. Our rarest commodity and the least valued in this modern progressive tilted world. Even though its valued so low in general, I value it quite highly and revel in it when its found.

Change of subject. Kinda

My thoughts have been revolving around the subject matter above with another detail putting a parabola into its orbit. I have always had the teaching gene (is there even such a thing?) In me since as long as I can remember. Lately that ‘itch’ has been insistent and frustrating. Insistent in that I WANT to teach people things, frustrating in that most people just dont give a poo. About anything! Far to many people I bump into around here have only one driving force: entertainment. As in they only want to be entertained. Learning is boring (it doesn’t have to be!) They already know it all (horseshit!) Etc etc. Occasionally I get a chance to teach something, even if only a better way to do something at work: Easier faster or cheaper.(usually all three to some extent) I won’t (and can’t) lower myself to teaching in a public school, and despise institutional indoctrination education anyways. But I have things I can teach. I even imagine in my head how I would handle certain situations in a classroom environment: situations from my school days where I can see the teacher had a chance to do something great, if only for that one kid, yet blew it. Usually with a patented off the shelf remark that answered nothing and shattered a turning point.(you’ll probably glean from that, that I was ‘that kid’ in an instance or two. Life has taught me well, but could have been better and easier if those points had been utilized, not blown off.) In addition, there are things that are never taught, by design, that should be. I’m not talking sex here: every generation has to ‘discover’ that for themselves and never can imagine the older generation still partaking of it. No, what I’m talking about is the “get a good job, be a good citizen” malarkey that is still shoveled out like the mantra of a guru. They never teach about money, the truth about money, market value, human value, critical thinking, classic arguments(rhetoric), and lately, they don’t even teach stuff even more basic than that: cursive writing, history, or how or why history is a foundation for our future. I see high school graduates that are little more than programmed puppets, barely literate, mathematically challenged, being sent out into the world with a diploma, a pat on the back and a smirk seemingly hiding the “be a good serf” thought behind the eyes of the ‘educator’. It sickens me, it truly does.

My orbit of thoughts has been “what can I do?” And I am not asking that while throwing up my hands in defeat. I just havent figured out the “what” yet. I have grandkids that I can work with, but it means moving and going back on grid. I haven’t written that off yet, but its not at the top of the list either. I believe the whole “it has to start at home” saying: one only needs to witness how the world has fallen since education was moved out of the homes. And as any of my readers can atttest, I’ve jumped on the education soapbox often enough, and firmly believe homeschooling is exponentially better than our Public daycare system.

I just want to take it further, and sit at a loss for how. Being an introvert, I’m marginal for public exposure. I can do public speaking, but it takes a toll on me I can’t explain in mere words. I’ve spoken in front of thousands before, and been applauded, but by the after event I was ready to crawl under a rock and hide. It wasn’t that what I said wasn’t true, it was the emotional drain of having thousands of eyes and ears trained on me like I was under a microscope. I can do smaller groups with little to no issue (now, not so much twenty years ago.) Knowing that is part of my conundrum in wanting to fix things.

What do you think?


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