Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Think it!

Y’all know I have been doing research, n reading, n what not. Even said what it’s all about in a previous post. One good thing so far (several actually but this one is a personal milestone) I FINALLY finished ‘Atlas Shrugged’ . To be honest, with current events of the last 10 years, its a damned hard read due to all the parallels in reality. (And the fact that she is a Russian writer and they tend to be long winded. 🤣) About the only thing she didn’t touch upon was the gender-bending shitte we have been exposed to. I’ve noted that since Prez Trump has taken office, that seems to have gone quiet: not away, just not in our face everyday.

Anywhoos, in my previous post I mentioned about making and spending money and vice-versa. Reading Napoleon Hills “Think and grow rich” I came to an epiphany; I’m living proof of his concept!

You see, when I started in audio, I knew how to tune my bass, get the tone I wanted out of the amp, etc; but not much else. (And I’m not a very good bass-player,,,) a friend needed someone to cover him at a bar gig and I needed the cash so said ‘what the hell’ and fell in love!!!!!

8 years later, I’m touring nationally, and not just mixing, but being management as well. Sadly, that came to an end when I blew out one of my eardrums in a stupid accident during a show. I could have moved laterally into lighting, but had zero desire for it.

I started from zero and moved up rapidly because I never said openly (or even silently in my head ) “I can’t,,,” I got a taste and that was all I thought for near a decade. I thought it, and my thoughts morphed it into reality.

Then in 2008, the market crash, a (IMO) falsified election, and everybody and their brother preaching doom and gloom, I bought into the prepper paradigm. I had been one, but the concept had a name I hadn’t known. I have no regrets about it as that paradigm inspired a dream, and that dream has also become a reality. I wanted my tiny house, off-grid, with independent sources for water and food. I now have that tiny house, no mortgage, and no utility bills besides my cell. While I am not gardening, or raising stock, the transition would be a simple twist of the tail, and I have a network in place to help with the unknowns. And there are always unknowns,,,

But the fact is, I thought those things into reality, I had no prior knowledge or experience in either, but was (more than) willing to jump in and get my hands dirty. (Like I recently did making kayaks. Full success and had not a clue to start other than my final goal.) Now thats not to say I didn’t have certain skills, but by themselves, they would not have achieved the goals.

The biggest part of it is not letting the dream go. Never say ‘I can’t.’ Or worse ‘I’ll try,,,’; that one is so close to fail as to be its twin brother. Never try anything, just DO IT! Saying ” I can’t” ends the race before it began, “I’ll try” will end it as well, and cost you a shit ton in cash in the meantime.

So, where is this headed? I’m afraid that I’m gonna have to leave that as a surprise for y’all. The one thing I have found, as well as what was mentioned above, is openly sharing the goal with others, ‘scares it off’. Part of that is due in no small part to all the naysayers. I’m quite familiar with that as I am closely related to one, and if I ever share a dream with him, its guaranteed to fail 9 outta 10 times. The only reason my house survived the naysayer was my equally bullheaded determination and a (then) recently acquired education in rhetoric: I shamed him into silence by showing him his own fallacies.😋

FYI, that naysayer is my dad. Y’all have wondered where my bull headed side came from; there it is. My little sis is equally so (and if my eldest sis and friends hadnt intervened years ago, you wouldn’t be reading this. She tried many a time to kill her stinkin’ lil brother. Now we’re best of friends, lol)

Fact is, I am reading this book, and realizing that I have already been living it, and that with my question as posted;





So if I want shit to change, I gotta change me, something about me, or the way I have been thinking, or all of the above. (I’ll take C for 200, Alex.)

Consider it done, now I just have to do the work.

And to be clear, I do not take sole credit for these things. I firmly believe in a higher power, and that that power responds in an unbiased reaction to our thoughts. Think negative, you get negative; think positive and you get positive, and all at the personal level. What we are seeing on a world-wide scale, IMO, is the crashing of opposing facets in unified thought trying to become reality. I think we all know they can’t co-exist, but I haven’t a solution short of short helicopter rides or high speed lead poisoning. Going Galt has proven ineffective at this stage.

Y’all take care n I’ll be back on here again soon.


2 responses

  1. Spud

    I’ve read Atlas shrugged three times and The Fountainhead a couple . Each time separated by several years. Each time I’ve cleaned a smidgen more insight into Ms Rands mind and the minds of Libertarians a bit more.
    Seems the older I get , the less I’m likely to pidgenhole myself into any one single political train of thinking. They all have their good qualities and also their downsides.
    Quality and perfection. Another book comes to mind thinking those two subjects.
    Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance , by Robert Persieg…a “Quality” read, pun intended.

    May 18, 2019 at 8:13 pm

    • I read Zen a few years back, and gleaned a bunch of stuff from it. I still feel his morbidity towards the end was unjustified, but,,,,
      Heck, I’m gonna have to dig that back out and re-read it again. Maybe a few years will color my out-take differently.
      As for pigeonholing my political stance, i gave up. I find conservatives are not, and liberals are just insane, and as for ‘parties’, they are just puppets to give an illusion of choice anymore. I’m finding myself aligning more with Bill Bupperts ‘abolitionist’ viewpoints.

      May 18, 2019 at 8:43 pm

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