Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Still workin’

Of all the things I’ve learned over the last couple of decades, one sticks in my craw the most.

EVERYTHING I was taught in school, public education mind you, WAS A F@#KING LIE.

“Lincoln was the great emancipator ” bullshit!

“Work hard, save money, and you’ll be successful”. Bullshit!

Etc etc

The only ‘truths’ I was taught were math, reading, and vocational skills. And from what I have been seeing with Granbehbie (who isn’t such a a baby any longer.) They’ve managed to twist up the first two, and have completely eliminated the last.

Even when I was in, there was very little critical thinking taught, it was ‘ do it this way or be punished ‘. And “questioning authority ” was highly, adamantly discouraged.

It wasn’t education: it was, and IS indoctrination. Programming the next batch of slaves.

Have you ever noticed, (or even looked at) that the failed students, later on in life tend to successful? Not always mind you, but enough that its not a fluke. Even as far back as Edison (who barely had any schooling) the outcast tended to be the powerful money magnet.

The things not taught, and why.

Critical thinking. They don’t teach this because thinking people can see behind the curtain. Fact of the matter, most teachers now couldn’t teach it because they don’t know how.

Money: they teach how to keep a checkbook balanced (or did) and thats the end of it. They don’t teach what money is, its mechanics, nothing. (Do it this way or be punished)

Truth: the texts are manipulated to one message, history is ‘sanitized’ for the same reason. In 2008, I was helping a neighbor with her computer, cleaning viruses out. Her son was doing his homework on the otherside of the desk. I asked to look at his history book (erroneously called ‘social studies’ but that gives insight to their objective.) WWII was covered in 3 pages. The Korean war wasn’t mentioned, and Vietnam was 2 paragraphs. I was astounded because the American Revolution was only a sidebar item at the beginning of the book.

Not surprising was the slant on our Government, and how omniscient and benevolent it is. That was slipped in at every possible opening I could see.

Its much worse now.

Granbehbie doesn’t have school books. She carries an Ipad. Her homework is assigned to it, her ‘books’ are on it; she can read, and even type, but struggles to write, and can’t read cursive writing.

She’s in the fourth grade.

She is encouraged to use a calculator for math! (As low as my opinion of my education was, we at least were taught math ‘the hard way’, and would have been given zeroes if caught using a calculator. )

I know this is nothing new to homeschoolers. I’ve met some homeschooled kids that just blow my mind with their intelligence. And it will not change for the better on current course and speed.

Other than homeschooling, I haven’t a solution, and the fact that local governments make homeschooling a daunting task says a lot as well. (And they perpetuate the myth that average mom and dad ‘arent competent enough’. A dead slap in the face by any measure. And that would lead me into a completely different rant,,,,)

But yeah, total bullshit, and said bullshit gets deeper every year.

My current research has lead me along a couple of paths, ones I had no clue of. I’m smart, I know that, but I will never claim “I know it all”; quite the opposite, the more I learn, the more I know what I don’t know, and that the “I don’t know what I don’t know” is far larger than what I do know. (Did you follow along with all of that. LOL. ) My research has been into “Why?” More than anything else. Why is it that the more we make the more we spend. Why is it that the less we spend, the less we make. (Look at both questions, they are different. )

What I am finding keeps coming back to Government, NOT the people in particular.

Robert Kiyosaki states in several of his videos that taxation is about behaviour control. Those that provide a needed service are taxed less (or not at all) than those that are just providing a service, or even just working for a living. As taxes are controlled by government, government is the problem. (Common thread to a common theme)

Its really quite eye opening once you really start digging into that box of lies. I’m going to leave this post with only one simple meme pic. Something to think about if you will.

Addendum: for those willing, my reading list follows Robert Kiyosaki, Garret Gunderson, Napoleon Hill, Ayn Rand, etc. (And yes, I am able to read several books at once and retain information. I found I learn better that way, a long time ago.)


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