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More wet stuff

Just progress on rudder. Still need the foot controls: these are proving to be out of my current means of production, and purchasing is going to be much cheaper all round.(I could come with ‘something’ , but I want adaptability as well and that goes beyond my current means.)

I also changed how I’ll adjust the cables, now using allen keyed cable stops.

The blade is spring loaded to return to its lowered position. There is a retract wire ran to the cockpit to pull the blade completely up if things get froggie or I am beaching. There are four position location holes for angle of the rudder in the water. Its currently in its lowest most rearward as its forward locations impact the porch. The upper hole is also a travel lock for holding the blade full up while transporting.

None of this is original thinking. SeaLect makes a unit with all of these features, I just copied their ideas over to my unit, and made them using materials on hand (other than the rudder blade itself). I’d have prefered Nyglas or Stainless hardware, but didnt have such so its aluminum and steels. The likelihood of this thing seeing saltwater is pretty daggum slim, so it shouldnt be an issue. And since I am aware of the limitations, if it does see saltwater, I can be meticulous in maintenance. Being simple in nature, that shouldn’t be all that difficult. The weakest link is the shaft which is mild steel . The gudgeon pin (4″ bolt) is SS. And the rest is Aluminium or galvanized while the blade is Nyglas. (Admittedly, thats a ‘my term’ for glass filled plastics. The term will likely get stolen somewhere, but thats ok.)

My evening down times have been spent sewing up the sail. I’m doing it by hand so its slow going. Neither rudder nor sail hits water until I have the foot controls in place, so theres no rush as yet. (Other than my “wanna play” impatience. LOL)

Soon though, soon. Even scouted out the lake I’ll take it on for testing.


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  1. MSG Grumpy

    A vital part for a sailboat is the center board. If this was covered in an earlier post then my apologies. If not, you will find that you need one of these unless you plan on always running with the wind, but even doing this without a center board will reveal a loss of directional control as any force the wind makes off center will induce a slide as the boat has nothing to counter that force. The rudder will in fact exaggerate this errant force as the back of the boat will resist the force thus driving the front even further off coarse.
    I do like your idea, using the large storage bays for a sail that could (depending on configuration) extend your speed and distance.
    Happy Sailing!
    MSG Grumpy

    August 9, 2018 at 7:19 am

    • No center board, but will be using leeboards. I thought about a skeg or daggerboard that could be withdrawn in shallow water, but dont want to compromise hull integrity. Currently, I’m just setting for running, not reaching, so the leeboards are in the future.

      August 9, 2018 at 7:44 am

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