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Sail it?

In my last post (one picture, one word, mega frickin hits! Go figure) you may have noticed sumpin ‘odd’ on the fore deck just aft of the forward hatch. That oddity is the mast step for the sail rig I have been working on. Its not huge; the mast only rises 5′ above the deck. The sail will only have about 14sqft of surface, but that should be more than enough to scoot this boat across water. It will be lanteen rigged so that its not specifically ‘downwind’ though I won’t be doing any close hauling without outriggers or leeboards. Broadreach shouldnt be an issue though. (for more info, read this)

Here is the rig, so far. Some of what you see is subject to change as I am not content with durability. It may not be a big piece of canvas, but it will be subject to forces. Most of my discontent is in hardware, specifically eyebolts.

Boom and spar raised.

Both lowered and stowed. The real trick here was making certain nothing would interfere with the paddling when lowered. Note, no canvas as yet. Heres where I need that sewing machine.

Its funny, the language one needs to learn, just to learn a new skill is probably one of the more interesting things to me. Sailing, like theater has a different name for things so common. Ropes are called sheets or lines, never ropes. And each sheet has a different name as well, some more complex as the size of the boat increases. Even ‘directions’ are different. In theater, direction is a matter of location, stage or house, and up is ‘out’, down is ‘in’, down stage is forward, upstage is back, and ropes are cables or broadly, rigging. On a boat, directions are fixed, but left/right doesn’t exist, its starboard/port,bow/stern, fore/aft etc etc. But if you don’t take the time to learn the ‘speak’, you’ll struggle with the details. (Gee, sounds like moving out of country. Learn the local language/dialect and while you may never ‘fit in’, you’ll at least get along.)

I am in no hurry to finish this project so posting about it will be intermittent. I still need to finish the rudder assembly and foot control, and while the assembly may be done in the next day or two, the foot part is at least a week out. The canvas I have, but it needs fitted, sewn and rigged, so until that is done,,,

But I am having fun, learning new stuff and who knows, it may even end up useful someday. Call it an escape pod from society if you want, LOL. There is quite a bit of storage in the fore and aft compartments and there are serious bulkheads built in that make them weatherproof. They act as flotation cells for when/if a capsize happens, but are still useful for gear and supplies. She is a general purpose ‘yak, rated for 300# capacity (with the water line where it is with my 190#, I’d bet closer to 400# but why push fate.) and will do most wet areas with little problems. Being 14.5′, she is just shy of ocean class. I can attest to her cutting through a 3’ swell with no problems, even if I ended up wet as hell (and why I’d like to make a spray skirt for her. Keep the water outta the boat!). Dunno about surf, but most coastal stuff she should handle pretty well, rivers are a breeze and lakes are easy, though a lot of work. (And part of why I’m working on the sail side of it, besides just wanting to have fun.) As for the rivers, she handles upstream better than down, and I think that is due to the knife like keel end, where the rest is near flat. The rudder should help with that as I can use it as a trim while paddling. It will be essential with the sail though.


2 responses

  1. wonderdawg

    Those yaks, have sure become popular near here…of course we probably have mucho more water ways than you. 2 rivers, lakes and the gulf. I came in from coast yesterday and saw at least a dozen vehicles with one or two attached. Several friends are into big time.

    July 30, 2018 at 8:44 am

    • Yeah, chinamart has sporty models for under 300, and I have seen more than a few round here on weekends. This one was bought in 2005 and hung in my uncles woodshed for the last 7 yrs. He was happy for the space. We have a lot of lakes round here, considering the TVA built damns out the wazzoo in the 30’s. Just the one river though many many creeks.

      July 30, 2018 at 9:03 am

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