Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

The smell of bullshit

Read, look at the agencies quoted, think with the brain cells that AREN’T dulled by the incessant pervasive hyperbole of the msm’s . Then think back to the 80s. Russia, then the USSR, invaded Afghanistan, for whatever reasons they did such. The Afghani ramped up poppy production at the behest of foreigners to help pay for assistance with repeling an unwelcome host. Various agencies from our shores assisted with training, weaponry, and who knows what else, maybe including purchasing large quantities of opium for redistribution.

Anywhos. After the expulsion of Soviet forces; I have heard it called “Russias Viet Nam” , themore conservative sects started pushing to eliminate poppy production. Before The Shrub coerced the States into invading there, poppy production was a fraction of a percentage to todays output. (This can be verified through reliable historical accounting like dead tree edition encyclopedias. Electronic versions are too easily laundered.)

Tbe opiod problem in this country is a self inflicted wound IMO. Just watch ANY channel across the interupted advertising broadcast companies and you will see the drive to medicate literally everyone, for everything. The advertiser/pharma cartel want you, Yes YOU, to believe they have a magic pill for everything, just visit your doctor. Add to that a growing sense of helplessness across the board from economic, political, and income gap depressions, and you have a fine fertile ground for addiction to flourish, ESPECIALLY when you add in Americans tendency for rebellion, and make all the drugs THAT WORK illegal without prescriptions, people will sometimes get hooked, just for the act of defiance they feel by breaking the law. (And that gets me riled onto another soapbox,,,)

My question here is”Why are they ‘breaking this news’ now?” Its a cock n bull story with its only credibility resting on ‘the good guys agencies’.>cough cough <

Are they trying to establish reason to crank up the fun in the sandbox again? Or is this a strategically placed tool by the MIC to gin up support for more money to burn?

I have no idea,but when I read the piece, my bullshit indicator bent its needle hitting redline. I recalled several articles claiming the drop in poppy production prior to 2002, with a corrosponding rise in other resource development taking precedence. Then we went in, and a couple of other countries settled in as well and started exploiting those other resources, and the Taliban ramped up poppies again. Cause and effect? Occams razor anyone?

I hollar bullshit on this one.


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